Random Screen-caps for this week. Feb 14-20 of 2011. .

I’m following a few shows, and these are the screen caps that caught my eyes. .. . . as for the first one; Last Order from To Aru Majutsu no Index 2.  The hair style with the goggles is quite cute.

This is from the same show.  As this arc comes together,  a lot of characters are coming together to produce a great story.

Accelerator gets trashed in episode 19.

From IS: Infinite Stratos Ep 7.  Charlotte always steals the show at the end of the day.

As the new player Laura Bodewig shows she has the most powerful 3rd generation IS, when she mops the floor with Rin and Cecilia.

Rana and Bridget are put to the test when the face some upperclassmen.

One reason this series is quite popular, with the nice story that includes the always welcomed fan-service.

The one series that has great depth and interest.. and with great music that contributes to Dream Eater Merry.

Merry starts with some fan-service maid outfit for ep 7.

Yes, Nessa voiced by Kana Hanazawa was another reason that Fractale made my watch list.  Even though I was a bit disappointed that the art from the preview poster or still did not match with the actual animation.

Fratale is still getting more interesting and interesting by every episode.

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