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Mysterious Girlfriend X ch. 49

THIS IS ONE THE BEST COVERS I EVER SEEN, or for this series of MGX!   The feeling of emptiness is pouring into me… Just sucks that this is only series that I’m doing.. I’m tempted to do some anime series, the fall season just started.. Time is always my enemy..Yours?!  Must  update my watch list.. .It’s grown.. might quit my current job and maybe get hired to do some writing!!  I don’t want to go into any detail, but it’s huge!!   As for the cover, something about Urabe just makes me want to get the rights to the Manga and maybe do a short film based on some of my favorite chapters.. Maybe not the beginning, but picking a chapter that can stand on its own.   Meaning the chapter can carry itself without the back story from the characters. .  .

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