Anime Expo AX 2013 and Back!


Barely getting back on my feet from three days at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles California, USA. Attending panels, meeting great people, and seeing important people to Japanese culture like Danny Choo get a little bit bigger. Out all the photos I took, this one of Misaki from Attack on Titan was probably of my favorites.


I covered some press for YokosoNews and had access to cover some press conferences. Of course, I attended the Danny Choo press conference. If you really want to know what I look like, head over to his website (Day one of anime expo 2013). There’s a picture where Danny is with all the press. I’m the one with the long puffy hair!! But, during the press conferences he talked about the anime industry that was really interesting. Mirai of course is the one on the photo, she will soon come alive and tell you updates from your social media.


When it comes to anime, my area of interest is the production side of the industry. This panel was for Attack on Titan, of course this was huge! The theme of cosplayes from the expo were all from this show. The producer showed up (George Wada) and talked about the making of the show. Of course, Danny Choo was the MC!






I’ll leave you with my favorite pictures !



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