oreimo or Ore no Imouto ga Konnani kawaii Wake ga Nai season 2 episode 14-16 or OVA


So, after all rant and disappointment continuing to fill the Oreimo forums… I’ll say this was one of best of endings in any series.  From the first time I heard the title  Ore no Imouto ga Konnani kawaii Wake ga Nai, I knew it was going to lead to something close to incest.  This is coming from a person that has seen all the Da Capo series,  so it’s nothing new to me.  Comedy, cute, heart warming, otaku theme and the super awkward moments.    I actually love Oreimo, the sad thing is that it ended.  Or, maybe wait for a new chapter where the siblings are ten years down the road.   The thing that impressed me was that the anime series actually followed the light novel.   Or, at least what the budget permitted.  Sure, they left so much depth from the light novels.  I’ll accept that.




When the OVA’s started,  there had to be some kind of resolution with Kuroneko.  I didn’t really want to witness this scene, it made me feel for this character.  Kana Hanazawa did a superb job as always playing Kuroneko.  This girl was actually the one I was rooting for, hoping that things would have worked out before the light novels ended.   Kuroneko and Kyousuke probably had the best chemistry as a couple, or at least the most interesting out of all  Kyousuke’s harem.

kyousuke kyousuke2

yes2 ring

When Kyousuke finally decides to tell Kirino his true feelings, I know it hit a nerve with many people.  Awkward moments aside.   It was pretty funny that they needed to go back to a hotel to find out their next move.  Kyousuke felt Kuroneko wrath with Kyousuke’s explanation being played in loud speakers to make things even more awkward.  Even after all that, Kirino still accepts Kyousuke’s proposal.  Sweet moment!

regret touch

The many scenes in three episodes, I had to give credit to the show creators.   The writing, and style of the comedy.   Even through the comedy, Kyousuke is headed where there’s no turning back.  Kirino has great moments, when she lets her brother listen her voice recording from the past.   Also, when she sneaks in Kyousuke’s bed.

kirinoclose hit friends

The epic fight showdown between Kirino and Manami was pretty epic.  The thing that this scene provided was many GIF for all the Kirino or Manami haters.  It’s all in good fun.   The one thing that stayed true was Kirino’s personality, no matter what, everyone one knew she was going to rub it in Manami’s face.   As for the other girl, from being Kyousuke’s best friend, she became a final boss like obstacle.  It was kind of sad to see Manami cry at the end.  But, after this… childhood friend no more.

incest ero  www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-8-18-2-45-1

It was great that they tied in the whole incest theme with other anime’s that did the very same thing.  Kirino’s voice seiyuu actually comes out in Siss X Siss (Ayana Taketatsu).  If I’m not mistaken, that could have been her first role in her career.


As for the marriage scene, I really thought that they were not going to animate this part of the light novel.  But, that’s what makes this ending great, staying true.   Causing a nerve with viewers all around the world.  It was something that both Kirino and Kyousuke wanted.   The wedding, the kiss, and.. well…. Oreimo!


The ending leaves us wondering if they can still be siblings, but the way its left off.. They’ll still have that kind of relationship loving each other, but as siblings.  The OVA’s were great, but it left so much of the light novel out.  The reason Kyousuke dump all the girls, the light novel provided a better reason for his actions.   If you have the chance to read the light novel, please do so.   And, if you have a chance to read the transcripts of the Authors interview, please do so… It will provide more depth of his true intentions… . Until the next anime.. … .


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