oreimo or Ore no Imouto ga Konnani kawaii Wake ga Nai season 2 episode Twelve



Episode twelve is done.  They skipped so much of the Light novel.. Many good and funny parts (stalker plot points, Ayase stepping on Kuroneko scene).  The stalker plot would have giving the last scene a much stronger reason for Ayase’s confession to Kyousuke!  And, Kyousuke does save Ayase in the light novel.   I know many of you are quite sad or very upset about the outcome of this episode, and are brutally upset of what’s in store in the next one.  The only thing for me is that I’m happy to hear the show is having a three episode OVA.

oreimo2 priceless double oreimo7 kuroneko kirino

It all starts out with everyone planning a house warming party for Kyousuke.  Kirino and Manami finally talk about their relationship, and put on a truce for the party.  But, agreed in the near future to start getting along with each other.  The party scene basically becomes a harem fight for Kyousuke.  Man, to think about what harem he does have: Kirino, Kanako, Kuroneko, Ayase, Manami, and Saori…..OH MAN!   Kirino intervenes with everyone fighting on who is going to take care of Kyousuke during his studies.  She chooses Ayase, because in Kirino’s eyes; Ayase despises Kyousuke.  GOOD CHOICE!!


Ayase takes care of Kyousuke by doing house duties.  Kyousuke also has trouble at times with Ayase Yandere manners.. Again, this whole scene was funny.  And, what would basically happen is Kyousuke’s imagination for Ayase gets the better of him.

oreimo4 caught

The Hinata part was probably one of my favorites of the whole episode.  The reactions and denials from Kyousuke and Ayase were on sync.. Honestly, they really deserve each other because of their chemistry.   In the light novel Hinata blows everything out of proportion with Kuroneko on reporting what she saw with Kyousuke and Ayase.   Too funny.. Really wished they animated everything!


oreimo1 oreimo9 ayase kiss

The scene that I don’t really want to write about.. Ayase’s confession… This is the topic that all of Oreimo’s forums are discussing about, that idiot Kyousuke… After seeing the whole season, I couldn’t but help and root for Ayase.   Kyousuke rejects her.  Ayase breaks down, but accepts it.. She’s not going anywhere.   But, it’s going to hard because of Ayase’s relationship with Kirino.

next better

Episode 13 is next.  Kirino’s turn.  That’s why this show is called: ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai !

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