About Mr. Mask

Just for the record; I am not an otaku. But, I often watch anime throughout the week, and I have many opionions about them.   Reading Manga is a small hobby of mine that takes up most of my spare time.   This blog would be dedicated to anime, manga reviews.  There will be times that I will shed some light of my daily life with pictures and videos.  Hope you enjoy your visit and leave a comment anytime.



16 responses to “About Mr. Mask

  1. Mr. Mask? What a scary name 🙂 Whats your other blog, i forgot it when I got home.

  2. Kei

    yo, mr. Mask
    I came accross this site while looking for a manga image on google images when i saw a very creepy face saying I’m Not An Otaku But I see alot of Anime and read a lot of Manga. so i clicked on it because it was such a weired banner and now im glad i did, just wanted to let you know, cool name and cool mask
    – Kei : Anime God

  3. Hey, nice blog you have here! I have a question for you, how much exactly do you watch anime and read manga? Also how the heck did you get this name Mr.Mask 😛

    • imnotanotaku

      As for manga I’m following 8 titles.. Anime.. I haven’t updated myanimelist but for fall I had 5 tittle.. As for the name.. Well.. I always liked wrestling mask.. It adds a bit of mystery…

  4. Just FYI…you followed my blog on WordPress however as per the note on my blog, I have made the transition to WordPress.org with a self host blog 🙂 That address is japandaman.com

    Thank you 🙂

  5. Yellow Leo

    Nice Blog, It is very awesome. i forgot how i found it, but i wait for your next post on some Nice Info. on anime and manga’s.
    Sorry, that it aint more well known, it deserves it.

    • Yellow Leo

      Oh and imnotanotaku, is haveing like about 27 non-finished manga and 20 non-finished anime consdiered otaku or like what is the defention.

      • imnotanotaku

        Considering myself an Otaku, it’s still a debate in my own mind. But as for the non finished Mangas and Anime, time is very limited to my life. That’s pretty honest, but when something really grabs my attention will make time! Even though making time, it ends up pushing back things that I also have to get done. I write for other forums, giving this blog all i can offer. Thanks for visiting the site! MGX FOREVER!!!

      • Yellow Leo

        😦 i cant reply to you…
        but thank you for your response… i got a hole bunch of time and read about hmmm i’ll post a list of animes and manga i read in about a year.

        might be long…
        Seperated by 3 Equal signs
        Asu No Yoichi===demon king daimao===Zero no Tsukaima===Hyakka ryouran Samuri Girls ===xxxHolic===Aria the Scarlet Ammo===HOTD===Vandread===jyu-Oh-Sei===
        Moon Phase===Tower of Druaga===Kore wa Zombie desu ka===Black Cat===dragon crisis===omamoti himari ===K-ON!===ladies vs butlers===Merry Nightmare===Love Hina===Girls Bravo===Kanoken===To Love-Ru===
        Mahoromatic===Ichigo 100%===Dokuro Chan===Itazura na Kiss===Sora no Otoshimono===
        Princess Mononoke===Dance in the Vampire Bund===Angel Beats!===Durarara!===Busou Renkin===Goshuushou sama Ninomiya kun===Highschool DxD===Bakemonogatari===

        ( Seperate by a space then dash and space )
        Mysterious Girlfriend X – Scott Pilgrim – Sundome manga – (Karin)Chibi Vampire – Midori no Hibi – MIRAI NIKKI Manga – Girls Saurus – Onidere – DOMINA NO DO! – Countrouble – Bitter Virgin – KAGAMI NO KUNI NO HARISUGAWA – Sola Manga – RAPPI RANGAI – Little Jumper – Dragon Who – Immortal Regis – yomeiro choice – Living Game – Yakuza Girl – The World Only God Knows – BTOOOM! – mahouttsukai to deshi no futekisetsu na kankei – Lilim Kiss – Kyoukasho ni Nai! – Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl – Suzuka – SAMURAI HIGH SCHOOL Manga – Ginen Shounen – ITOSHI NO KANA – Oretama – Ratman – ONANI MASTER KUROSAWA – ELFEN LIED – SUGAR DARK – Lock On! – ZETTAI JOOUSEI – MARUGOTO ANJU GAKUEN – Mx0 – KARAKASA NO SAIEN – YURURIZUMU – DA CAPO – Amaenaideyo – HEKIKAI NO AION Manga – ROSARIO+VAMPIRE – Dance in the Vampire Bund

      • imnotanotaku

        I finally got you on twitter.. .
        Hyakka Ryouran Samurai girls, is very interesting. A lot of fan services.. nice animation.
        Kore wa Zombie desu ka, very funny.
        Dragon Crisis, ummmmm its good.. .
        Merry Nightmare, this anime was a surprise to me, the seiyuu is very good .. that plays Merry. Love Hina, was actually the first drama anime that I watched.
        Kanoken and ladies vs. butlers is made by the same anime studio.
        Ichigo 100%, a solid romantic comedy. .
        Sora no Otashimono, Just one of those anime you have to watched..
        Durarara, very unique, pretty awesome at the same time. .

        I’m so backlogged on my manga, but The world only god knows is updated mostly every friday.. Its my favorite manga as of now. . .

        Nice list!!!!

      • Yellow Leo

        my favotire will have to be of the four: MGX; sora no otoshimono; onepiece; and detective conan.

  6. Summit10

    Thanks for the follow Mr. Mask! All the best. I’ll drop by now and then to have sake.. 🙂

  7. thanks for following! :3

  8. Summit10

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award.

    see the details at: http://themoviemontage.wordpress.com/the-foyer/the-liebster-award/

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