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Kana Hanazawa !!

I’m currently watching RO-KYU-BU!   Maybe the reason this made it to my watch list was because of the Seiyuu’s or just Kana Hanazawa; the girl in the middle.


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Los Angeles CGM Night 2011

I finally had some time to write this article, it sorta stressed me out a bit knowing that a lot of photos were just sitting in my camera.  Los Angeles CGM (Consumer Generated Media) Night 2011 or the Culture Japan and Fakku meet up took place at the Anime Expo (AX).   This is my second year participating in this event, I met so many people who had the same interest as me.

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Maon Kurosaki being interviewed!

I finally got to interview Maon Kurosaki!  I’m attending the Anime Expo (AX) which is being held in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.     The outlet that I work for is YokosoNews!   Now, the interview has to be subbed and edited, and that’s going to take time.. But these pictures should satisfy some before I post the video!

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