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Anime Fall Schedule for 2013


Hope it’s everything you guys wanted?!!  As for me, the sequels are always my favorites. . I might do Freezing again.. and Kill la Kill looks interesting.. . . . . .


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oreimo or Ore no Imouto ga Konnani kawaii Wake ga Nai season 2 episode 14-16 or OVA


So, after all rant and disappointment continuing to fill the Oreimo forums… I’ll say this was one of best of endings in any series.  From the first time I heard the title  Ore no Imouto ga Konnani kawaii Wake ga Nai, I knew it was going to lead to something close to incest.  This is coming from a person that has seen all the Da Capo series,  so it’s nothing new to me.  Comedy, cute, heart warming, otaku theme and the super awkward moments.    I actually love Oreimo, the sad thing is that it ended.  Or, maybe wait for a new chapter where the siblings are ten years down the road.   The thing that impressed me was that the anime series actually followed the light novel.   Or, at least what the budget permitted.  Sure, they left so much depth from the light novels.  I’ll accept that.

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Oreimo OVA, Preview.. or episodes 14-16

Oreimo’s newest episode will be seen at Otakon, but, soon to the world. Hope they dont take this down.. enjoy.. a preview of episodes 14-16


August 10, 2013 · 3:32 am