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anime schedule for the fall 2011

It’s never too early..I know you can find some of the trailers online, and some look really interesting.. the one’s on my anime list is WOKING!! and the second season of BAKUMAN!!!! what’s yours?!!!


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Random screen-caps for this week; August 9-14 of 2011

Episode 19 of Steins;Gate was centered on Moeka, and how Okabe can change her D-Mail which can change the future to save Mayuri.   The most disturbing or interesting part was when Okabe found Moeka in the corner typing away “FB,FB,FB,FB” … sorta creepy for a crazy person!  As far as for Stein;Gate, this series has been a pleasant surprise and one of my favorites for this year.  The cast is really goood.   On a side note, Random screen caps is only my opinion about images, not a review.  This is more the individual following the the same series as I am.  .

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Oreimo light novel vol. 9

What can anyone say?  Kirino in a wedding dress?!!!   With her brother…. There must be a second season coming. .   .

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Nico Nico says hello to the English audience.  I found this article, and felt it needed to be released, done!

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Mysterious Girlfriend X Ch. 57 Review!

MGX 57 is out!  Or, it’s been out for a while..  .I  also know that chapter 58 is out as well, but since it’s a multiple part series, I’m going to wait so I can a do a full review of the story.  MGX is close the chapter 60, and so far it seems that this series is headed for a long one.   It’s fine by me, I’m not complaining about it, more MGX means more Urabe.

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