oreimo or Ore no Imouto ga Konnani kawaii Wake ga Nai season 2 episode Eleven



Just finished episode eleven, and how many times can one say “THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES OF THE SEASON.”   Well, I have to admit this was one of the best of episodes of Oreimo’s 2nd season!  Extreme YANDERE MODE!  The comedy was at it’s best.   About the episode, they did skip a lot of cute and funny moments from the light novel.  Two more episodes left, the way this episode was written.. They’ll cramp everything in two?

www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-14-40-52 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-14-41-26 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-14-42-6 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-14-46-21

The episode starts out at the Kousaka household where everyone is having breakfast together.  Their mother (Yoshino) questions why are they all of sudden close with each other.  The siblings try to explain their reasoning, which ends up being comical.   Their father basically tells Kyousuke that he needs to get away to study for an important college entrance exam.  He rents out a room, and in a way kicks him out of the Kousaka household.  Manami and Kyousuke walk home from school, suggested that Kyousuke should have a housewarming party, which takes place in the next episode.

present www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-14-48-30 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-14-48-44

Kyousuke arrives to his new apartment only find Kirino waiting for him.  She sorta felt guilty for being the cause for her brother being kicked out.  Kirino buys him a fridge as a token for his new home.  Also, finds a way to also give him an eroge game to play during his breaks.  Typical Kirino that we all have come to expect and love!

www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-14-51-39 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-14-52-10 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-14-53-48

Kanako enters the fold by showing some interesting in Kyousuke.  She gives him a call asking him if he can be her manager again.  Kyousuke refuses, but ends up giving her his home address for a visit.  Kanako actually knows Kyousuke background which surprises him.   During the visit she finds an eroge game which Kyousuke tries to explain that they’re not….simply comedy magic.  I won’t even say the name of the title of the game……..

ayasefun www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-15-0-8

Ayase pays a visit to Kyousuke.  One scary thing jump right at me was how can Ayase have a copy of the key to his place.   This is something where no matter what, you can’t escape Ayase’s wrath.   She gives him a housewarming present, a knife (of course).  It’s also confirm that Kirino does not like Manami, and they plan out a way to make them to get along with each other.

www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-15-2-6 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-15-2-27 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-15-2-52 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-15-3-14 ayaseknife www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-15-23-27 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-15-6-23 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-15-7-4 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-15-7-49 ayasepunch kuronekoayase www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-15-9-45

The most awesome moment in the episode was when Kuroneko and Ayase meet.   Just reading from the light novel, I’d wondered how would they animate this… I was NOT DISAPPOINTED!   It’s pretty obvious that Ayase can’t hide her feelings towards Kyousuke.  And, Kuroneko always speaks her mind.   The rest is pretty much magical.  Ayase reactions towards Kyousuke made me laugh out loud, especially the quick punch to the stomach, and the knife stabbing part.  The epic battle of Ayase and Kuroneko was done well too.  Kuroneko talks about Kirino’s feelings towards her brother just left me in shocked and laughing.   Kyousuke asking Kuroneko for confirmation about his sister was really good.

www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-15-4-18 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-15-11-41

Some closer was needed for the relationship between Kuroneko and Kyousuke.   Basically, Kyousuke saying he wont date anyone until the matter with Kirino is resolved.  She accepts his answer.   I felt for Kuroneko, again seeing her hands shake while holding a school bag.

www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-15-12-40

Even if Kirino did not did not dominate this episode, she sure left a lasting impression.

www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-15-12-49 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-15-15-12-56

Again, I really enjoyed this episode, now…  I’ll read the LN to see what they left out.  Two more episodes left.  Next episode please!  And, Ayase’s arc continues!


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