Aku no Hana episode 10


Wondering what’s going on?  That’s because this show is not on your watch list..   It should.. After seeing this episode unfold I see the reasoning for the animation style.  It’s become so beautiful to watch.   The show always leaves my mind going all over the place.  This anime made my top shows of the spring season, hopefully I’ll have to time to make a post.  Seven shows:  (1 Oreimo Season 2)(2. Attack on Titan) (3. Aku no Hana) (4. Railgun Season 2) (5. Hataraku Maou-Sama) (6. Yahari Ore no Love Come wa Machigatteiru) (7. Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W)   Pretty much the shows I wait for to air.

akunohana1 akunohana1 akunohana2 cry2 akunohana7

This episode pretty much is a huge continuation of Kasuga following Nakamura to anywhere she will lead him to.  And, he’s basically running away.  Nakamura’s objective was to make it over a hill where she’s never been to, and wants to take Kasuga along for the ride.  Saeki searches for them and ends up finding them.  She makes one last attempt to understand what’s going on inside Kasuga.  Nakamura shows Saeki the true side of Kasuga.  Telling her everything that happen with her gym clothes.  This part made me feel uncomfortable.  Saeki  accepts everything about him.  By the end of the scene, Kasuga has to choose between Nakamura and Saeki, he only breaks down and tells them he deserves no one.  Saeki got feed up with Kasuga, and accepts the some form of rejection.   The police show up because Saeki was reported missing.   Nakamura responds by trying to run away only to be captured.


So the episode ends in back of a police car.  I can see why Nakamura tried to run away, from the episode it’s revealed that she does not have a good relationship with her parents.   Why does Kasuga have trouble letting Nakamura go?  Because she’s the only person the world that understands him.  Next episode !


Love the last message from the director Oshimi Shuzou.  Pretty much saying to all the harsh critics to F-OFF and that rotoscope is the perfect fit for the show.  I would have to agree 100%!


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