Aku no Hana episode 9

www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-2-15-4-12 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-2-15-5-23 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-2-15-7-3 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-6-2-15-6-38

I know that Episode 9 aired on the weekend.  But, after watching again last night made me wonder: HOW GOOD IS THIS SHOW!!   With the sharp tongue of Nakamura and Kasuga giving in..  In way, Nakamura is something that will always be there because of the contract.   We get to finally see what’s over the hill..   Saki, well..She’s really becoming more interesting, forgiving Kasuga in a way.    Give this show a shot, I still haven’t read the Manga, maybe that’s why I’m loving this show so much.     Can’t wait for the next one.

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