oreimo or Ore no Imouto ga Konnani kawaii Wake ga Nai season 2 episode eight


Episode 8 passed.  With the mix emotions that I have, but not too surprised of the outcome.  The anime and the light novel are going side by side for the most part.  Especially for Oreimo fans, how much can you ask for.  I read the novel, imagined everything being animated, thank  you again for season 2!  The voice of Kuroneko which is Kana Hanazawa, did a great job like always.

episode8-1  episode8-3 episode 8-4

The episode starts off with Kirino continue to find Kyousuke’s affection throughout many places of the house.  Kyousuke arrives to the house pretty bruised up from the face (who is the only character psycho enough to cause physical harm on someone?).  Kirino takes care of Kyousuke wounds, during that he reveals that he’s going out Kuroneko.   Of course, Kirino goes all passive aggressive.

episode 8-7

episode 8-6 episode 8-9 episode 8-8 episode 8-10

The first date begins.   Kuroneko goes all out on her belief of her existence; Kamineko is introduced.  Kyousuke goes along because he likes her.  Basically, the first date shows another side to Kyousuke.  During the date, they both had difficulty finding a comfort level between them.  It was really a treat to see this unfold.

www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-25-13-0-36 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-25-13-1-13 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-25-13-2-51 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-25-13-3-44 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-25-13-7-55 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-25-13-10-27 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-25-13-8-42 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-25-13-11-15 tumblr_mndoeepuNl1sol7moo1_500 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-25-13-12-6

The date continued at a park where Kuroneko made lunch for both them.  Kyousuke noticed a picture in the book that she made.  Basically outlining the outcome of Kyousuke and Kuroneko relationship.  The picture with Kirino and Kyousuke eating together is Kuroneko’s ultimate goal.  Which is siblings accepting each other as their own person.  Another chapter in book was to invite Kyousuke to her house.  Finding out that they were to be alone, Kyousuke becomes nervous of all of the possible outcomes.  Kuroneko’s siblings join the fold (Tamaki and Hinata), and are relived that Kyousuke is a true person, not a 2D or imaginary person.  Hinata questions her older sister Kuroneko why the awkward behavior.  Kuroneko puts Hinata in her place.

episode 8 -14 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-25-13-14-23

Kuroneko fulfills another chapter in her book and  goes to Kyousuke’s house.   Kirino’s notices her visit and is bothered by it.  Kirino hears a strange conversation between Kuroneko and Kyousuke, barges in his room to see what was happening.  She finds only innocent activity of them playing a game, during the small misunderstanding Kuroneko realize that Kirino’s behavior has change in their own relationship.

www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-25-13-15-46 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-25-13-16-37 the link www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-25-13-16-51 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-25-13-17-31 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-25-13-18-10

At the last scene of the episode, it was another fulfillment of her chapter; was to take Senpai to a firework show.   They both go and enjoy the night together.   Kyousuke confesses to her that he will have a summer that he will never forget.  Kuroneko is touched by it.  Of course, the relavation that has all Oreimo (including me) all up in arms.   Sad… but .. that is the world of Oreimo.

www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-25-13-27-57 kamineko funny

The episode is done, the forums are getting plenty of visits to voice their displeasure of Kuroneko’s decision.   The last screen cap left me laughing when Kuroneko became Kamineko, leaving the house in a flashy getup and Hinata getting worried.  Next episode please!


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