oreimo or Ore no Imouto ga Konnani kawaii Wake ga Nai season 2 episode Six

ayase time

Oreimo continues with its great pacing and the comedy that makes me happy.   Again, from the my last post, it’s already happening..  Kuroneko and Ayase are my favorites in Oreimo.  Also, forums really hate Kirino, but in a way, without her.. No Oreimo?  Episode six went so fast, I looked up how many episodes are scheduled for the season, 13?   Well….

episode 6-0 episode 6-1

The episode continues with the gang in Comiket, where a young man named Mikagami Kouki approaches Kirino.  It turns out that he works for the same agency that’s going after Kirino’s services.  This of course sets off an alarm in Kyousuke mind.

episode 6-2 episode 6-3 episode 6-4 episode 6-5 episode 6-6 episode 6-7 episode 6-8 episode 6-9 episode 6-10 episode 6-11

To make things interesting, this comes right after the first scene.  I was really amused about the handcuffs, but knowing Ayase’s persona, its only fitting.  Love how they followed the novel pretty close.  This scene was touched over the questioning of a photo she got a hold of the siblings (how did she get one?  Did Kirino give her one?)  Kyousuke explains the reason, Ayase seems to be trouble believing the whole story.  I love Kyousuke’s imagination,  and Ayase yandere persona!  Too funny…

episode 6-12 episode 6-13 episode 6-14 episode 6-15 episode 6-16 episode 6-17

Kuroneko and Kyousuke are walking from school.  It’s time for the post celebration of the Comiket success.  Kuroneko tells him what’s on his mind.  From there it leads to any conclusion from the actions that took place at school (True Ending storyline).  Kuroneko confirms that she has strong feelings for him.  Kyousuke questions her actions about the kiss, but get’s interrupted by a furious Kirino.  Kuroneko looks so cute..

www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-14-40 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-14-44 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-14-57 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-15-26 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-15-54

The party starts with an awkward atmosphere.   The tension build up from Kuroneko and Kirino are clearly display.   Kirino announces that her and Makagami are seeing each other.  Everyone in the room is stunned, Kuroneko leaves.   Kirino continues on saying how much Makagami has to offer, unlike some people (Kyousuke).   I couldn’t help but to laugh a little on Saori’s reaction during the argument.

www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-19-54 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-22-22 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-22-27 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-23-16 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-23-35 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-30-49 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-33-11 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-34-21 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-34-24 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-34-31

Kirino decides to bring Makagami to the house to meet the parents.  Kyousuke and his dad do not approve of Kirino of already having a boyfriend.  Kyousuke shows his displeasure by giving the guy the cold shoulder.  Of course this leads to Kirino lashing out towards her brother.  Kyousuke thinks what Saori told him of having more confidence.  He immediately goes to calm his dad down (which he is drunk) and makes things clear with Kirino and Makagami.  Kirino confesses that everything was a lie, Makagami was only playing the part of her boyfriend.  Kirino shows some of her jealousy towards Kuroneko and Manami.   ummmm..  I wonder what their mother is thinking right now??!!

www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-36-17 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-36-38 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-36-42 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-37-19 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-37-32

Kuroneko and Kyousuke have a meet up.  While Kuroneko is being all Moe, she asks Kyousuke out.  Which brings of what an ending, what an episode.

www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-38-14 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-5-11-20-38-17

Yup.. I can’t wait either for episode seven.. The pacing is pretty good.. Nothing drags….


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