oreimo or Ore no Imouto ga Konnani kawaii Wake ga Nai season 2 episode Four

oreimo9 oreimo8

Episode four is connected with the True Ending series that was aired a while ago.  Basically Lia, which was roommates with Kirino when she trained in L.A. (United states), came to visit Japan.  From the light novel, it was pretty much on point for most parts.   Again, the funny moments continue to dominate the series.  Poor Kyousuke.

oreimo 1 oreimo6

Lia proved more than a handful for the siblings, she was out of control throughout the episode.  The visit was a learning experience to Lia to what helped Kirino beat her in the final race they had back in the states (True Ending Route.)



Love the Sword Art Online reference.  Lia gets introduce to Akihabra, which always seems to be a world of its own.  Lia also understood how Kirono’s hobby was really important to her.

oreimo 5 oreimo4 oreimo3

At the end, Lia demands a rematch in a race.   Lia ends up defeating Kirino, but Kyousuke shows great affection he has towards his sister.  Lia also learns Kirino’s true strength comes from the love her brother.  That last frame made me chuckle, I can only imagine what trouble is going to happen when the siblings are going to pretend to be a couple.


I know that the whole Oreimo cast did not participate, and many people are missing Kuroneko (including me) ..   But, Kuroneko’s arc is coming soon, which will satisfy everyone.

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