Aku no Hana Ep 4

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Just finish seeing the fourth episode of Aku no Hana.  I know one thing, the huge amount of chatter about the show, the creators of the anime got what they wanted… ATTENTION!   This anime is probably one of my favorites of the spring season 2013!  When the first episode aired, there was a huge backlash, hate,  “the anime is awful” yada yada yada yada.   Some unnamed blogs drop the series after being disappointed in the animation.   I’m not even going to go in-depth with the anime forums, the trolls came out of the woodwork.  The reason I love this anime so far is the show does not drag.   The music is awesome.  And, the animation which is jarring at times somehow connects really good with the story.  As for the story itself, it’s really good.. So dark!

www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-4-26-19-41-29

This scene left me laughing.  Kasuga is a really interesting at times.  He seems so timid, but at times can stand up to people.  The episode focused on how Kasuga finally scored some points with Saeki.  And, Kasuga is not the wimp that I thought he was…  He actually asked Saiki out on a date!

www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-4-26-19-43-32 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-4-26-19-43-52 www.animeavenue.net screen capture 2013-4-26-19-44-54

Nakamura is not someone to mess with… Seriously, don’t mess with her.  After seeing this episode makes me want to go ahead and read the whole manga.  But, I’ll wait until the end of the anime.  At times during the show, I got very uncomfortable.  Which means it’s a good anime, that’s why we watch anything, it’s to mess with our emotions!  Please, to anyone that discarded this show or have not watched any of it.  Just give it a chance!



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2 responses to “Aku no Hana Ep 4

  1. Chris

    Best show of the season!

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