oreimo or Ore no Imouto ga Konnani kawaii Wake ga Nai season 2 episode two


One more week to go, then I’ll have my watch list complete.  For the ones that automatically made my list, that would be Oreimo!



Episode two basically revolves around an old problem that Ayase has, will Kirino ever be a normal girl and treasure their friendship.  The same formula is used, ask Onii-San (Kyousuke) for advice, and he usually takes upon himself to solve her problem.   Also, gets beat up in the process.



Kirino has purchased a game that interacts with the game player in many ways.   Making a virtual girlfriend a part of Kirino’s real life.  The fun begins when Kyousuke also becomes hooked on the game.   Many things I took from the episode was that I already miss Kuroneko!  And, when did Manami and Ayase become close friends?   I guess, its one of those things that happen in the novel.   I love how Manami tries to be tough with Kyousuke.  Can’t wait for Episode 3!


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