Nazo no Kanojo X Episode 4 (MGX)

A few days passed, other anime blogs probably did a go around on episode 4.   Work has caught up with me, fatigue.   But, I love this series, so the post will go on.  OKA (seiyuu; Hirohashi Ryou) finally talks!

Ueno and Tsubaki are talking about guy stuff (Oka only).  A typical class day, Urabe is sleeping on desk, drool maybe on the desk.  Her sleep is interrupted by Ueno’s girlfriend; Oka.  She invites herself onto Urabe’s desk and sits next to her.  The class is taking back by Oka’s attempt of being friends, but in a way it worked out for her because Urabe loved her cooking.

In the short time of Tsubaki being in a relationship with Urabe, it sure takes over his thought process.  His dreams are actually his most desires, it goes extreme.

Oka becomes very interested in Urabe, thanks to a certain accident opportunities create themselves.  Oka tells Urabe that she wants them to become good friends.   But, Urabe only needed her boyfriend by her side, she doesn’t really need any other friends.  After being shot down, Oka leaves the room.  Urabe notices Oka having the same injury that she suffered during the accident.   It turns out they have a bond, where if they share saliva, they will suffer the fate of pain inflicted on their body.  Oka also knows that Urabe is in a special relationship with Tsubaki.

During their normal daily ritual, Tsubaki takes in Urabe drool which immediately affects him where Urabe received scars from the accident.   Oka again confronts Urabe at school, this time its a request.  If she can taste Oka’s drool, Urabe agrees which the drool is very sweet.  Oka also knows by Urabe reaction that she hasn’t gone far with Tsubaki.   They end being friends at school, which baffles both of their boyfriends at the same time.  Next Episode please!


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  1. Yellow Leo

    I just love reading your review’s even though i already watch the episode…

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