Nazo no Kanojo X Episode 3 (MGX)

Episode three of Mysterious Girlfriend  X continues to the waves of a great translation of the Manga.  I didn’t think Urabe is 5.3′ tall.  I guess reading the manga made me think she was taller than average height.

Most of the episode was about kissing, and when will Tsubaki get the opportunity to give  a kiss to Urabe.  Tsubaki accidentally walks in on his best friend Ueno making out with a girl from his class named Oka.  Ueno immediately tells Tsubaki to keep a secret and agrees.  But, is mostly affected that his friend is kissing a girl, and wants to feel that same sensation.

Tsubaki talks with Urabe about the incident that happen with his friend Ueno.  She realizes that Tsubaki wants a kiss, she gives him special dose of her drool.  One of the conditions for taking the drool was to take it before he was to go to sleep.  The whole situation is too unreal, that’s why I love this story.

It’s kissing time!  Tsubaki reaches his home and immediately goes up to his room to the drool ritual.  The funny moment to me was when his sister Youko reacts to his to be left alone request!  Tsubaki takes the drool and has a heavy influence on his dream.  The weird part about the dream was he’d actually had a conversation with Urabe about the whole kissing situation.   The next day, Urabe offers a kiss to Tsubaki, but because of the dream he refuses, admits he wants his first kiss to be special.  Urabe sorta does deserve a special moment.  (I’m so pro Urabe!!)

Urabe is noticed by another boy at school in the same class.  She also makes Tsubaki worried after telling him about the situation with a boy and wants to handle it by herself.  Urabe finds out what the boy is made up from not reacting to her saliva.  She rejects him, at the same Tsubaki goes through the ordeal of thinking negative of the outcome of Urabe confession.

At the end, Urabe lays to rest all of Tsubaki’s worries and gives another special dose of her drool.  She decided not to wear any underwear to change her mental state which has an effect on her saliva.  Because of Tsubaki’s reaction, Urabe is pleased, and tells him they have a special bond together and that is why he’s her boyfriend.

The strong winds give Tsubaki an interesting view of Urabe.  So far so good, episode three.  The next episode should be good because Oka gets to talk!


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  1. Yellow Leo

    Hmm this is defently a Extremely Good Anime/and manga (i waited so long for this)

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