Nazo no Kanojo X Episode 2 (MGX)

Mysterious girlfriend X episode 2 continues!  The old school animation feel sure brings a smile to my face!  Not only the unusual story or the unique situations gives this anime something to talk about throughout the anime forums.  So far, it’s true to the Manga, guess if it follows it there will be a lot episodes.   Tsubaki and his dreams sure dominate his life!

The episode starts with Tsubaki having a sorta hallway meeting with one of his closest friends; Ueno Kouhei.  Tsubaki seeks advice on what actions he should take towards a girlfriend to smooth things over.  Even, he denies having a girlfriend, Ueno plays along and gives him the advice.

Following the advice from Ueno, Tsubaki attempts to hold the hand of his girlfriend Urabe, a big fail.  She questions if there’s any particular reason for holding hands.  It ends up with their daily ritual of the drool.

Tsubaki follows Ueno advice again and tries communication, he begins to ask his girlfriend about her interest and hobbies.  Urabe tells him about her interest of scissors, the episode reveals the famous “panty scissors” move.   Get use to this because it will be used quite often.  Back when I learn about this aspect of Urabe’s character I can only love this Manga/anime even more.

Tsubaki become a little frustrated and takes matters into his own hands.  A sudden embrace does not bold well with Urabe, she goes into “panty scissor” mode.   This follows the pattern of physical contact, no holding hands or embraces.

Tsubaki makes one last attempt of making himself and Urabe resemble a real couple.  Ueno hands him a pair movie tickets, Tsubaki thinks it’s a shoe in!  Urabe turns him down, do to she already has plans for that particular day of the movie.  He begins to sulk, she consoles him saying that they share a bond (drool).  They both walk towards an abandon house like place.  Urabe shows gives a dose of drool that is quite special, basically she in the nude.   With his eyes shut, Tsubaki is overwhelm with this drool.  Urabe also let him know that if he would have open his eyes, it would be “panty scissor” time.

Tsubaki again dreams of making love with Urabe, even though its sorta strange.  On their walk back home Tsubaki couldn’t stop grinning, and keeps the reason to himself.  She manages to stick her finger in his mouth to grab some his drool.  It gets her aroused, and tells him that would never have a doll tied around her head while having sex.   And, that’s why she’s Tsubaki’s mysterious girlfriend.

Next episode please!

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