Spring Schedule 2012

Yes,  me too, I hope Mysterious Girlfriend X is added to the line up as well.. Here’s a little taste.. will add the right one soon.



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3 responses to “Spring Schedule 2012

  1. Sankarea is coming out! I have read this manga two weeks ago and I love it. The anime is definetly going to be awesome! Can’t wait for it.

  2. hajimi

    I am really sad that there doesnt seem to be any Anime, im looking forward to this coming Spring. Mysterious GF X had an adult theme into it, but i dont know how will they draw her character out. Sankarea , idk i read alittle bit of the manga, I wasnt really into it. (small adult theme on the father side again).

    God.. SAKI i hope your good !!!!

    • imnotanotaku

      That’s right SAKI is back!! I’ll give each show several episodes before I continue with the series or not… Hopefully they’ll stay with the Manga design for mysterious girlfriend x..,

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