Amagami SS+ plus Episode 2 Review

As Ayatsuji arc comes to an end, this episode was pretty good, and it kept up with the fan service which pleased me. So far, what I see with this season is pretty much Junichi going to have a chance at each girl from the show. Similar from the previous season, and I for one have no complaints over that.

As the episode picks up from Junichi and Noriko get caught by Ayatsuji! At first, I thought that Noriko was going to get the living hell beat out of her. At least a few slaps in the face, but Ayatsuji kept her cool and ask Junichi to come with her, leaving Noriko thinking she accomplish her goal. They both head out to a shed where a very nervous Junichi gets an opposite reaction from Ayatsuji and gets a kiss from her. This first screen-cap is my favorite, the pose and well balance of the picture. Basically, Ayatsuji saw through Noriko’s pathetic plan in causing mental harm to her. And, a small promise was made that Junichi will never kiss any other girl except for Ayatsuji.

The elections continued, this time it was a one day battle where each candidate must give a speech to win the student body and to earned their vote for student council president. Ayatsuji’s speech touched everyone and for that she won, not only just winning but won in a landslide.

A small incident occurs where Junichi falls into a small lake, Ayatsuji advises him that he must come to her house to dry off before he catches a cold. I don’t need to explain what happens next, but if you have a good imagination you’ll be just fine.

The episode ends where Ayatsuji and Junichi are side by side handling the school problems and to find solutions to give the best experience for the student body!

The Ayatsuji arc is over, and now begins the Rihoko Arc. How is Junichi going to handle his childhood friend? The final picture is of Ayatsuji, the one girl who is my favorite out all the girls of Amagami ss!


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