Amagami SS+ plus Episode 1 Review.

What a way to start off the winter session of the anime season!  The show that was on my list for a while when it was announced is Amagami SS+ Plus!  As you can see the girl on top is my favorite out all the girls.   I know there’s great debate on what girl is the hottest and most wanted by the people who follow the Amagami series.  Ayatsuji is my favorite, the reason is her complex personality.  There would always something interesting from her sweet side to her violent one, not to mention her manipulation!  Of course one of the big things about this series in my eyes is the great fan service, which they did not disappoint!

The episode starts out with Junichi dreaming about his girl having an intimate situation, and of course it gets into the fan service which things happen with Ayatsuji towel.   At the end of this sequence; Miya’s voice is heard and quickly Ayatsuji gets substituted by Miya in a nude state!  The story takes place after the festival and Ayatsuji and Junichi are together.

Most of the episode revolves around the election of school’s student council president!  Many of the candidates try many tactics to get a head of each other to be front-runner of the race.  From the first picture shows the race is pretty close between Ayatsuji and a new girl named Kurosawa Noriko.  The second picture shows the shy Sae trying to do her best and run for the position.  Sae is also using this situation as an opportunity to cure her shyness (which even means getting in front of class in her bathing suit).

Getting back Noriko, she’s a new character to the series and she means business!  During the announcement of the candidates running for president, Noriko chose Junichi to be her vice-president.  This of course  gets to Ayatsuji because of her relationship with Junichi and she also picked Junichi to be her running mate.  Ayatsuji also talks about the reason the race is so close is because the father of Noriko happens to be powerful man in the city with heavy influence.   Because of the numbers being close, Noriko has one last tactic which is to try to seduce Junichi in front of Ayatsuji.   Until next episode, and what a way to start off this series with a great first episode!

Before this review ends, going to leave off the great characteristics of Ayatsuji! … . . .

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