The Wolrd Only God Knows OVA Summary

I waited so long for this OVA, ever since it was on the schedule, it was a must!   As for Manga chapters that this OVA is based from, it did a good adaptation, pretty close, leaving some parts out.  I believe it’s from the chapters of the mid 50’s.. .. But after watching this episode; there must be a SEASON 3!!!!!

The episode had a lot of K-ON reference which was really amusing!  But, basically it followed some of the story of line on how the K-ON club got started!  Chihiro gathers Elsie, Ayumi and Miyako to form a music band, and immediately go to a sound room to practice their chemistry.  One of them take out a recording device and document their performance.

After the session the girls decide to grab a bite and listen the outcome of their performance.  Outcome: AWFUL!  From that point, it’s decided the best option for them would be to have more practice time…Since they all have busy lives, they need to practice at school, a K-ON club is needed.

The whole band  asked Kodama (their teacher) if they can start a music club.  He refuses at first, then tells them if they can get 100% on their next test (English), the club can be formed.  Keima enters the fold, and is forced by Elsie to teach the band his notes on passing the upcoming test.   He gets down to it and gives them an intense study session.

Ayumi and Chihiro begin to have some type of hidden feelings towards Katsuragi which concerns him.  To make things more interesting is  Kanon enters the fold, the number one idol at the school decides to drop by.  She begins to confront Katsuragi telling him that he knows him from somewhere.

Katsuragi can only deny everything and Elsie also is certain that none of girls should have any prior memories of their encounter with him.  At the end, everyone got 100 % except for Elsie.   But Kodama is in a great mood and decides to give the girls a chance at their K-ON club.  The reason for his joy is that Katsuragi scored a 99% on his test.  Which if anyone followed the series, Kodama despises Katsuragi for always getting 100% on every test.   What episode does not concentrate on is the reason why Katsuragi did not get a perfect score.  In the manga, there was a test question where he gets the spelling wrong on “She regain her memories.”  If you slow-mo or pause a screen cap, you can actually see the question he misspelled.  Anyway, there’s so much Manga material where more seasons of this show is possible.   At the bottom is the opener and other great related videos.


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2 responses to “The Wolrd Only God Knows OVA Summary

  1. When is the next season coming out? I cant wait for it!

    • imnotanotaku

      There hasn’t been any word yet on the third season.. But there is so much story left in the manga.. Enough for three more seasons..

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