Random screen-caps for this week; August 9-14 of 2011

Episode 19 of Steins;Gate was centered on Moeka, and how Okabe can change her D-Mail which can change the future to save Mayuri.   The most disturbing or interesting part was when Okabe found Moeka in the corner typing away “FB,FB,FB,FB” … sorta creepy for a crazy person!  As far as for Stein;Gate, this series has been a pleasant surprise and one of my favorites for this year.  The cast is really goood.   On a side note, Random screen caps is only my opinion about images, not a review.  This is more the individual following the the same series as I am.  .

Felt bad for Moeka, but in a way, she had it coming.  She did shoot Mayuri in that alternate time, a punch (Touma Style!) and a kick, the combo that always works.

In the end, Okabe is going to find this FB (really interested to see who this person actually is), and a clue for the whereabouts for the more important vintage computer!  And below is the opener, if you have a chance to see the actual artist sing this live, its quite amazing (Itou, Kanako).

Bunny (Usagi)  Drop Episode 6!  It’s really another big surprise for me of the summer season.  When I first encounter this story, it was from the pages of the Manga, in the beginning it really stood out.  But, for some reason, I ended up only reading the first chapter.  Guessing it was work or I was simply overloaded with other work.  The story revolves around  Rin; played by Matsuura Ayu, which she was born in 2001, a really young seiyuu!  She always gives a good performance!  I just love her  voice reactions!

From this episode, it really made me feel that I need a tree for myself. . . The chemistry from the characters really work.  I really love the facial expressions that Rin does for certain situations.  Bunny Drop is just an anime that makes you feel good inside!

Mayo Chiki! Episode 6! When I found out that my favorite seiyuu’s were doing this series, it was simply  must add!!  Iguchi, Yuka !  Hanazawa, Kana !!  Kobayashi, Yuu !  Kitamura, Eri !  Ise, Mariya !!  I was just speechless after that line-up!!!!

Usami still causing havoc in Kinjirou’s world, but it must be nice to have a female on both ends!!

I guess sometimes being tsundere can backfire!  Poor Usami, the audience knows what you’re up to!   But, at least she got a nice rubbed from Kureha!  Funny and intense scene!

This episode was filled with a lot fan service!  Maybe that’s why these type of anime’s will never go out of style.  The final scene with Kanade, what else can Chiken want!

Hanasaku Iroha ep. 20  was filled with omelet rice, a lot of it.  Nako’s character has grown so much from episode one, getting know her was very exciting.

I can never get enough of Yuina!  She’s always a type of sunshine, even though at times she’s blunt!

This scene was really funny, just love Ohana’s face.  After watching all the omelet rice being eaten, it gave me the urge to go try some in this upcoming weekend.   It looks really good!

I never have any complaints when the whole episode centered around Minko!  I just the love the seiyuu who plays her; Omigawa, Chiaki!  Kinda felt bad for Minko that Tohru thought that the love writing was only a part of the plate.. Oh well.. next time Minko, I’m routing for you!

Nichijou ep. 20!  This is one series that still excites me, always anticipating their high comedy and great violence.  Their manga like format really works.

With their great facial expressions or reactions to any situations keeps it very funny.    The ink bottle was really bad luck for Yuuko, Nichijou always makes my day.

Out of all the stories that Nichijou has, my favorite bit is the Professor, Nano and Sakamoto!   Their chemistry is really great.  The small little random jokes is something I’m fond of. . . . Hakase is always both cruel and nice to Nano… a relationship that will always work.    Until next screen-caps!

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