Mysterious Girlfriend X Ch. 57 Review!

MGX 57 is out!  Or, it’s been out for a while..  .I  also know that chapter 58 is out as well, but since it’s a multiple part series, I’m going to wait so I can a do a full review of the story.  MGX is close the chapter 60, and so far it seems that this series is headed for a long one.   It’s fine by me, I’m not complaining about it, more MGX means more Urabe.

Summary: The image above sums up the whole plot of the chapter, when is Urabe going to switch to her summer uniform.  And pretty much shows the impact of her answer on Tsubaki!  A situation arise when Ueno pops in and forces Tsubaki to tag along with him to do some shopping.  Tsubaki and Urabe’s relationship is a secret from the entire school, so she disappears.  It gets interesting when he leaves with his girlfriend uniform by accident.

In typical MGX fashion, Tsubaki curiosity always leads him to trouble.  He takes out Urabe’s clean uniform to take a closer look at it.  From the images, some may say; “he taking more than just a look!”  And, accidents happen to thicken the plot of the story.  The uniform that Urabe was going to wear is out of commission due to some spilled fruit juice.

Tsubaki tries to correct his accidental woes and borrow his sister’s (Youko) old high school uniform for a short-term solution for Urabe.  It fits perfectly!!  During their normal routine, something goes terribly wrong for Tsubaki.  During the saliva exchange, somehow he imagines that Urabe is his sister and that really freaks him out!

Thinking ahead, if Urabe continues to wear his sisters uniform, it’s going to keep occurring the fact of his sister’s presence during their routine or even if they even kiss in the summer.  At the end, it’s left to the fact that the uniform was cleaned.   Tsubaki can finally come back to reality of trying to score with his girlfriend Urabe!

What Mr. Mask Thinks:  It’s only natural to see your girlfriend in certain types of uniform, or the fact someone from the opposite sex to wear a uniform.  Something about uniforms brings out certain attraction towards someone persona.  As for the sister part of the plot, well… that goes to something I’m not into; true blood incest.   I don’t mind the whole adopted family incest, at least their not from the same parents.. So, that’s okay.   I’ll wait for the story line to be over so I can write another entry.  Panty Scissors!



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2 responses to “Mysterious Girlfriend X Ch. 57 Review!

  1. mysterious

    Well, nice review.
    There is something I notice, the artwork is going down recently. The author seems to be more careless with his artwork overtime.

  2. Zack

    I haven’t read any further from chapter 58 but i hope this doesn’t have the same ending as usagi drop were the girl falls for his step dad :/

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