Los Angeles CGM Night 2011

I finally had some time to write this article, it sorta stressed me out a bit knowing that a lot of photos were just sitting in my camera.  Los Angeles CGM (Consumer Generated Media) Night 2011 or the Culture Japan and Fakku meet up took place at the Anime Expo (AX).   This is my second year participating in this event, I met so many people who had the same interest as me.

Here’s the man; Danny Choo!  The person responsible for putting it together, I don’t really have to talk about his background, it’s widely known in the blog world.

In 2010, Danny Choo was a small contributor to AX, but this year, if you noticed most of the guest had some connection to him.  Meaning, next year he’ll play an even bigger role at the Anime Expo 2012.  If anyone makes the trip to Los Angeles, let me know in some way, and I’ll help you out in any way.  Well, if you’re a nice person only.

The event was really interesting, I met a lot of new comrades which later I became friends with.  Danny again talked about his mantra; follow your passion!  He’s absolutely right!  I’m headed to that path, continuing the passion in my career in film.  Hope anyone reading this entry will do the same, your passion will bring you satisfaction.

I’m not a big fan of Dollfie’s, but one can only admire the dedication by the owners of these dolls (daughters) .  The details are just too amazing!

As this community continues to grow, it can only be a positive thing for everyone else.  I couldn’t help but notice how cute this cosplayer of Mirai really is in person!


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