Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode 15 “True Route”

Episode 15 comes to an end, meaning the series could also be done or at least at a stand still.  But, so far from all of the “true route” episodes one thing is certain; they followed the novel!

As for the episode itself, it started in the game club where the aftermath of Gokou and Sena’s game release was not well received by the public.  They both vowed to make a better video game that will shock their critics.  Gokou is finally adjusting to school, now that Sena has become a good friend.  Even Gokou’s classroom is coming around and accepting her as a part of the their class.

Things get interesting when Kyousuke receives a text message from Kirino!   She finally makes an appearance in the “true route” series.   Even though the text read something along of the lines to throw away all of her eroge games.   Kyousuke’s dad receives a similar text to throw away all of her trophies and anything that has to do with track and field.

One of my favorite moments from the episode was when Kuroneko asked Kyousuke to meet her in the back of the school.  During the meet up, she confesses and thanks him for being there for her.   How he didn’t see her as a replacement for his sister, but as someone he really cared about.   Also when Kyousuke asked her not to call him neesan but instead senpai.  Right out of the novel!   Kyousuke also confesses Kirino’s situation to her, which she tells him to go after her and bring her back.  At the end of this particular scene; Kuroneko gives Kyousuke a kiss.  She explains it’s a curse that can only be lifted if he does not fail to bring back his sister.   Good move Gokou!

Kyousuke arrives to America.   To Kirino’s reaction was of shock, that her brother came all the way to see her to play a game of eroge.   Really (wink).   It’s revealed that things are not so rosy for Kirino in the states, her performance is not up to par, she has not won any races.  Which is a reason she has not contacted anyone back in Japan.  Kirino vowed that she will not talk to anyone until she wins a race.

Kyousuke begins to pour his heart out to convince Kirino to come back home.  He confesses that he’s not complete without her, and that if she doesn’t come back with him that he might die!   Now, those are some convincing words.   But, before they depart from America, Kirino wants to take another crack at a race to see if she can come out on top.

Kirino ends up winning the race with the encouragement of her brother.   And, if you’re up to date with the novel, you know this character and what impact she will bring in the future.

Even thought the last screen cap was kinda lame and cliché, it still worked.   There was a happy ending to this “true route,” I’m really glad that they did it this way.

I thought this screen cap was interesting.   Basically the cat is about to attack a plush toy.   Metaphor is what each thing represents to what character?!  The good part about this ending was they followed the novel, and by following it, there is still a lot left and enough for a second season!  The question is when?  Depending on the blue-ray sales and other merchandise, if the demand is there, season two will come quickly.  And, of course, the novel is not done yet.  So, it would make sense for it to finish, or at least have enough material for another twelve episode season!



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2 responses to “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode 15 “True Route”

  1. Of course the cat might mean something, but who says it can’t just be a random shot of a cat? Haha, I’m just messing.

    Anyways, it was a nice end to a nice anime.

  2. UnforgivableCat

    That cat pissed me the fuck off, and ruined the whole anime for me.
    From that cat, on to the rest of the episode was an complete upset, and I nearly committed suicide at it’s horrible cat voice that sounded as if Snarf from the thundercats was being raped.
    Even now, I’m writing this while in the hospital room, since I have carved out my ears in hopes of never being ever to hear that again.

    Next, will be my ears, but I wanted to type this review on that damn cat, 1st.
    Thank you.

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