Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode 14 “True Route”

Kirino is still out of the picture, but the supporting cast is making some good story points without her.  The episode started off with the gaming club suggesting that Gokou and Sena team up to create a game to submit for the monthly “Chaos Create” contest.  Basically, that’s the main plot of this ep. .

For each episode the creators always seem to mix it up in the intro.  A shot of Kirino to satisfy the fan service and Kuroneko sitting in Kirino’s chair to give the notion that she is a  replacement to her brother.

Kyousuke decides to help, he also ends up bumping into Sena at a book store.  Another revelation is how deep is her fetish of the homosexual phenomenon really is.  Its really funny that Sena has no control of her fantasies about her brother and Kyousuke having a relationship.

Kyousuke almost called his sister out of the blue, but held back thinking that he has too many things going on in his life to even bother.

With some inspiration from his sister, Kyousuke decides to suggest the genre for the game should be Eroge, of course the club is taking back.  Kuroneko goes along with the plan, only if suggested by her senpai (Kyousuke).   Which again, leads to more confusion when he offers to help her write a sex scene.

Some things never change, Kuroneko eats lunch by herself with no friends in sight.  Honestly, I would probably bug Gokou to have lunch with her.

Kirino’s influence strikes again in the game’s presentation to the gaming club.  Gokou is pushed over to the edge explaining to everyone her drive to make the game into reality.  She gets out of hand but catches herself at the very end.  But, in the process leaves everyone shocked.  Kuroneko is cute in this scene with her mood changes.

Both Gokou and Sena gave their presentation, and Kuroneko was chosen.  Sena’s piece was a full on Homo RPG game, with scene too graphic even for me to write about.  Their facial expressions show their displeasure over Sena’s game.  Genosuke give’s her the smack down and tells her to help Gokou or else don’t bother coming back to the club.   Sena used club members in her game doing crazy sexual acts.  Beyond sexual acts.. It was quite funny at the same time.

This is my favorite scene of the episode, Kyousuke sitting down on the same bed as Kuroneko and questions her if she may have some feelings towards him.  She agrees with that statement which takes him by surprise.  But she also attached those statement with other ones to give some fuss of what she really means.   Kuroneko gets some conformation that Kyousuke rather he hears “Senpai” instead of “nii-san” from her which pleases her.  He sees her not as a sister, which means!!!!

At the end, Kuroneko’s game has too many bugs to function correctly, with the deadline upon them.   She has no choice but to beg Sena to return to the club and team up with her to finish the game.   Kuroneko finally shows some big time humility.  Again, Kirino’s persona strikes again, she fueled Kuroneko in seeing her game through till the end.

Sena and Gokou join forces to finish the game on time.  They end taking the best eroge of the month award.  Or the worst?  WTF. . . never-mind. . .  All is well in this episode, but the next one, will Kirino finally come back?  I would really think so.. cliffhanger, then.. season 2?  Episode 15 please!!!!!!!!!!!

Ending credits… I’m thinking this is Kana Hanazawa, sounds like her.  And, it would make sense because every picture of a character would be combined with their seiyuu. . .



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4 responses to “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode 14 “True Route”

  1. Fraiiz

    you should be an otaku…
    if i can stop being an otaku, i will stop…
    but i just can’t…

    by the way,

    • imnotanotaku

      I would probably be one, if I had the time. . But, just taking in as much shows and manga in my system as I can.. . thanks for reading. . .

  2. Otaku

    When is episode 15 coming out? 😥

    • imnotanotaku

      I think it’s the same pattern as the rest.. . the last Monday/Tuesday of the month.. . and the trailer should be this week. . hope . .

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