Mysterious Girlfriend X ch. 54 review

MGX is up to chapter 54, and was translated rather quickly.   But, that’s good for everyone.   Either way, I’m glad to see the latest chapter and to see Urabe and Tsubaki developed their relationship.

Summary: It starts out with Tsubaki informing Urabe that there’s a frozen pond around the corner, which intrigues her.   At the pond, Urabe realizes that the pond has a thick layer of ice and wonders if it’s strong enough that anybody can stand on it without breaking.  Tsubaki of course is quite concern that his girlfriend might fall in and become his girlfriend no more.   Urabe goes further and wants to crack the layer of the ice to see how thick the ice really is, Tsubaki is terrified now that she will fall in.

With great concern, Tsubaki needs to take matters into his own hands, and holds her.   At the same time he grabs her breast.

Whenever Tsubaki get’s out of hand or passes his bounds towards his girlfriend, she gets in her defensive mode which is the panty scissor attack.

Because of Urabe’s aggressive attack, she forces her boyfriend to the edge of the pond and he falls in.   Urabe goes into panic mode and helps him out.  She insist that he needs a change of clothes as soon as possible, they decide to go to the nearest home which is Urabe’s home.

The best part of the chapter comes when Urabe offers a bath to Tsubaki, she questions him if it’s okay to use her left over bath water for a quick turnaround for a warm bath.  Tsubaki get’s excited over the fact that he gets to use the same bath water that his girlfriend used.  Inside he finds hair that belongs to Urabe, happy thoughts go through his mind.

After the shower, Tsubaki finds Urabe wearing an apron, she’s heating up some left over food for him.  Tsubaki freaks out a little that this is the first time he sees her in an apron.  During the meal, he tells Urabe that this situation feels like they’re married which that affects her emotionally.

Before he leaves, Urabe insist that they must do their daily ritual.   This leaves Tsubaki really warm, he’s was wondering what did she do to get this reaction, she replied with; it had a “males dream” in it.

It’s pretty much self-explanatory why this batch of drool was quite special.  Next chapter please!

What Mr. Mask Thinks: As the story continues to progress, the acts of their relationship is becoming more and more unusual.   Which in the big picture only means that this is a very healthy relationship between a boy and a girl.   MGX has hit most of the fetishes, cat ears, apron, mask, etc. . . I wonder how extreme is this story going to go?!  One can only bet that it will go as far as a curious mind of a teenager will go, which is.. well. .. .  . you can only imagine.


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