April means Yoko Hikasa

Starting April right with my favorite Seiyuu.. . Yoko Hikasa, or better known as Mio from K-ON. .. Found this on youtube.. hit the like button.. .



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8 responses to “April means Yoko Hikasa

  1. Or Seraphim….

    I’m been Yōko nee fever lately…
    Filling my ears with all her Keion songs…

    Btw man, you happen to know if Yōko have her own single album?
    So weird I can’t find… like Aki and Minako, they have their own… but why not my Yōko nee too…

  2. imnotanotaku

    Far as I know, Yok o only sings in compilations or soundtracks.. . She deserves something for her own. . maybe in time.. really hope. .

  3. Yoko Hikasa madness is really hilarious. Somehow I think thats what it takes to be a voice actress. Must be over reacted… XD

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