Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode 13 “True Route”

I been waiting for this episode for a while, ever since the earthquake in Japan, many programs have been pushed back.  Of course, that’s beyond understandable.  To take my mind off some situations, the one thing that I been thinking about was an episode for Kuroneko and Kyousuke, and to see what I been reading in the novel would come to be.  This post is more of an after thought for this episode.  If you’re reading this, you may have seen it already.  It’s sorta like a review, I’m going through it a step at a time.

I must agree with a majority of the opinions in the Oreimo forums that this show was really good without Kirino.  It also showed that life goes on for Kyousuke, he’s walking alone in the opening sequence.  I’m not saying to ax her character, but some breathing would be welcomed.

Kuroneko’s real name is Gokou Ruri, all this time Kyousuke never knew her real name.   I bet someone is going to make that I.D. into a fan club card of some sort (which is fine).

More of a reason to hate Kirino?  Leaving Saori and Kuroneko without knowledge of her plan to go to U.S.A.  Saori is of course hurt by it, as for Ruri, it’s more of a getting over an obstacle for her.

The part where Ruri calls Manami Belphegor  shows her dislike towards her.  Belphegor (Lord of the Opening) was pictured in two different fashions: as a beautiful young woman or as a monstrous, bearded demon with horns and sharply pointed nails; the former form, according to most sources, was his earthly disguise when invoked by mortals (thank you wiki).

As Ruri’s concentration grows playing the video game, so does Kyousuke affection grows for her.  Everyone saw this coming (maybe everyone) but someone like Kuroneko which is sorta anti-social to non-otaku individuals would have trouble making friends.  Or just the consequences of Ruri disregarding invites from fellow classmates.  Also, this is where Kyousuke confesses that he wants to get to know her better.

I’m always a sucker for images of characters with their eyes  hidden.  This is also where she tells Kyousuke off, saying that he’s only helping her to fill his void of his sister.

This is probably one of the funnier scenes that I witness in 2011, no really.  If you really think about the implications, metaphors and basic psychology, this is really really funny.   Akagi’s sister is really good add-on to the show, the homo loving female which at times loses control over her hobby.  She has a lot of depth and can also relate to most of the Otaku females in the show.

At the end, Kyousuke confesses that he treated Ruri in a way to replace the void left by his sister.  But, vows that he’s going to stick his nose into her business because he’s worried about her.  Ruri is delighted to hear that.  The next episode “There’s No Way My Kohai Can Be This Cute!”  Is going be dedicated to these two character falling for each other.  A great development for both characters.   YES!!!  Are they being true to the novel?… most of it.. yes!!!!

This image was the first one to come to my eyes.  Within the first hour of the episode being aired in Japan, this was twitted.. And from what I could understand, White Panties for Kuroneko.. (interesting) .

As for the ending sequence, Kana Hanazawa volunteers her voice for this song.    Hopefully youtube doesn’t pull this song because of copy rights.  Episode 14 or 15 please!!



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2 responses to “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode 13 “True Route”

  1. I’m really waiting for this episode to be aired too. Great episode by the way. Its a good progress for both Kyousuke and Kuroneko. I’m really looking forward to the next episode see. Kana Hanazawa voicing the song?! Thats why sounds so nice and familiar too… ^^

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