Mysterious Girlfriend X ch 53 review. .

It’s been a month and the new MGX is here!  I often ask myself why do I still follow this title up until now, its’ because the whole premise is still very unique to me.  I still wonder if this title would ever get animated?  The way things are going in the anime world, they’re going to pick this title up to fill out a spot soon.. Or maybe it’s  just some wishful thinking.

Summary: Akira and Ueno are hanging out in Akira’s room doing manly stuff such as playing videos games and reading magazines.   When Akira’s sister (Youko) suddenly enters the room to drop off some refreshments, and Ueno is taking back by her appearance.  He begins to get nervous just talking to her, Youko feels his tension and gives him some special treatment of being a guest at her home.   Youko leaves the room and leaves a big impression on Ueno.  Without holding his feelings he tells Akira that he thinks his sister is such a babe and is really turned on by the mask she’s wearing.   The last comment Ueno leaves after this scene was he wishes Oka (Ueno’s girlfriend) could catch a cold and be forced to wear a mask.

The next day it turns out Urabe (Akira’s girl) had a fever the night before and she decided to wear a mask.  Akira begins to understand what Ueno was talking about on how girls with mask are sexy.  Urabe is quite beautiful wearing a mask, and happens to have a slight fever.

Urabe decides that it would not be a good day to do their daily routine.   Akira immediately declines her idea and wants to perform their daily routine.   Urabe declines, with good reason; there is a slight chance of Akira getting her cold which can lead to a dangerous path.

Akira decides he wants another shot at his girlfriend and wants to see her without the mask.  Urabe declines again with the notion she doesn’t want her boyfriend to see her in a bad state.   Akira is determined to see her face no matter what,  he decides to take matters into his own hands.  He sneaks up on her and takes off her mask which reveals that a big stream of drool flowing from her mouth.

Urabe became aroused and it automatically came out, she becomes angry over the fact it came to this.  Usually when Akira crosses the line, Urabe unleashes her panty scissor action on him.

Since she had a fever, the scissors were not attached to her, the end.  Chapter 54 please!

What Mr. Mask Thinks:  Once again, MGX is something I wonder where do they get their ideas from.  In a way it’s weird, but at the same time it’s genius.   Girls who are sick and happen to be wearing a mask are sexy and hot!  I could see what they’re talking about…sorta.. But really, something about girls eyes being only visible, and her bangs coming down to her forehead is attractive in some ways.  After the first few pages, when Youko was getting idolized by Ueno was very funny.  And from that, the plot was set.  It’s funny how MGX introduces fetishes that are quite funny, I love this Manga.  Once again, I can’t say enough on how I love the art.   I wonder what’s in store for the next chapter, this chapter was of course a one shot, but done well.




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