Random screen-caps for this week. Feb 28 to March 6 of 2011

In IS: Infinite Stratos episode 9 was merely what any anime fan wouldn’t mind having; FAN SERVICE!  I’m guessing that the show took a break from the plot and gave us a beach episode.  It clearly showed some inconsistency with the character development.   How did Laura gone from an aggressive person to a harmless beyond cute person.  Tsundere?!

So…Waking up and finding Laura sleeping next to you in her birthday suit.  What else can anyone ask for?!

Charlotte alone is what brought me to picking up this series and putting it on my watch list.  Ichika can only handle himself for so long.  What can you do when a girl undresses in front of you?

The girls all participated in the bikini wearing episode which must have delighted its fans.   From cliche’s aside, one can only anticipate what’s going to happen step by step.  Even though it’s been done countless times, the bikini is still fresh in this bloggers eyes.

Ichika has a sister crush?!  All that aside, I can’t wait until Houki gets to try her personalized IS machine in the next ep.

Freezing episode 9 introduces a new character named Cathy Lockharte.  The show is finally moving towards the last arc, since it’s going to end soon.   They have to have a season 2, there’s just too much left in the Manga to cut off.

New and improved Nova’s are here to mop the floor with the earth’s defense, sorry girls.

Rana is making a cute face, but at the same she’s making Bridgette feel a bit discomfort over her questioning.

Kazuya is pretty much close to garbage for making Bridgette cry.. you scum!!

During battle, still… fan service. ..

Love Cathy, anyway, if anyone can name another anime that’s similar with these  bookends…You’re an anime fan with knowledge.

Fractale episode 7 keeps me coming back for more.  Nessa is cute as ever.

A virus attacks Nessa’s body make up and makes her feel ill throughout the show.

Clain has to cross-dress in this episode to disguise his appearance in the city of Xanadu.

NOOOOO.. Clain!!!!  SO, when Nessa could not catch Clain from falling what the hell does that mean??  Clain get’s on my nerves sometimes, but he cannot die.

NOOOOOO AGAIN!! not in the face..  Phryne did not have this coming to her.  Luckily this old guy get’s it at the end.  .

Yumekui Merry episode 9 is more of dream demons fighting action.  I still feel that this show is not getting the attention it deserves.  It’s one of my favorites shows of this season.

one word…Yui !

This is becoming a little bit of a cliche in the anime world.  Whenever an awkward moment happens, the animation is drawn like so, away from their original form.  Every time seems to be comedy gold.

I’m still waiting for Merry to fight this demon…

To Aru Majutsu no Index 2 episode 21 is hitting on all cylinders!  Touma and Accelerator talk on the phone, but apparently do not recognize each other’s voice.

If you had a choice of grabbing Misaka or Index hand, which one would you grab?  Touma chose Misaka, good choice!!

Misaka is about to take out the trash, love this scene.

Kazakiri?  She’s an angel, or something really bad is happening to her.

Once again, this guy is so bad ass!  The line where “you’re so cool that I’m getting into you.”  Or something around those lines according to the subs, but anyway.. . Still an awesome line if it was correct. .

Onii-chan no Koto nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! Episode 9 starts out in confrontation mode with Nao and Ihora telling Shuusuke that their not wearing any underwear.

This comedy bit was going to come sooner or later.  Comedy gold, this is one funny show.

Kondou gets excited when she sees Shuusuke nipples!  Again, if anyone is against ecchi shows.  Well, sometimes I think it’s acceptable depending on the full content of the anime.  The comedy genre gets a pass in this bloggers mind.  Just too funny..


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2 responses to “Random screen-caps for this week. Feb 28 to March 6 of 2011

  1. Another random screen-caps, cool! Btw, I like Infinite Stratos ep 9.XD

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