Oreimo and Manga!

Chapters 22 and 23 are out and I just read them.  Now, from the anime to the Manga, I really love the direction of the Manga.  The depth of the Manga far exceeds the anime,  but that’s more of a “that’s the way things work.”  In the anime there’s a budget and the number of episodes allowed.  So I’m assuming (I may be wrong) the director has the tough task of cramming a manga series into one season of anime.

Either way, when the Manga reaches my eyes is nothing but satisfaction.   The story takes it’s time to develop every character in-depth.  How in the Manga, Manami is more developed than the anime.

Kirino is more like.. well.. more unlikable.  Kyousuke takes his lumps and still does his job as a big brother.  As for the Manga artwork itself, it is much appreciated by this blogger.

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  1. A great review I would say~ Can you introduce the first parts too. Love to hear about them~

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