Random screen-caps for this week. Feb 21-27 of 2011

Episode eight of Yumekui Merry shows that Merry is obsessed with Donuts!  There’s always a constant new direction with the story itself, which to me is one of the surprises of the winter season.

Some how the show always seems go to smoothly when Yui appears, an instant moe affect to any viewer.

In Freezing  episode eight, it clearly took a break from the action and conducted an always welcome injection of fan service!  Beyond fan service!  The above picture is Bridgette in a very vulnerable state, which satisfied some people like myself.  A bit of the moe (shy, embarrass) factor which was one reason she won the beauty contest.

Rana continues to be aggressive towards Kazuya and making good advances towards him.  Daring enough to give him a kiss to Kazuya in front of Bridgette.

Rana’s outfit surely reflects her current personality, using the style from her village (really?!!!).

One running joke that mostly goes around every anime series; the difference bust size joke!  Where the big breasted female has a huge advantage among her peers.  Attia Simmons is just another victim of the joke.

Fractale episode six was good.  The whole premise of the story is pretty interesting, and by every episode we learn more and more about the Fractale system.  Again, Nessa (Kana Hanazawa) always brings the bright side of this anime.  Clain without knowing crosses paths with his father?!  That was pretty interesting.  One thing that stands out in my eyes; how our modern technology is a thing of the past in the Fractale world.  Another thing was how again the people get killed in a brutal manner, the way their shot and how the blood explodes from their body.  Don’t get me wrong, I love over the top violence!  But, it seems out-of-place in this series.

Phryre has trouble keeping her clothes, another running joke that works well with any viewer.

In To Aru Majutsu no Index 2 episode twenty, Accelerator gathers himself and tries to take out Dog Hound. Once again, I love the direction where this arc is headed.  The amount of characters are gathered to make this arc possible.  The way people are dropping dead or unconscious throughout the city, is another interesting aspect of this episode.

The way Accelerator torments the Dog Hound personal is quite awesome.  How the sight of blood excites him, and how we witness a monsters trying to redeem himself by protecting Last Order.

Kihara is one bad ass individual, c’mon he shoots an RPG at a bystander (Vento of the Front) who got in his way of shooting Accelerator from escaping.  And, he talks calm and collective towards a new enemy that was unfazed by the explosion of the RPG.

Touma plays bodyguard by protecting Last Order the best he could.  I was hoping that Touma can get one of his famous punches on Vento of the Front’s face!   Maybe next episode, so far so good.

IS: Infinite Stratos episode eight had an ending that I didn’t really expect.  But, of course like any other harem anime series, the female with hatred towards the protagonist will end up falling for him.   Laura kissing Ichika  was quite a sight.

Poor Houki, sometimes she just needs to stay in bed.  This episode was awful for her:  She got defeated by Charlotte in the IS battle.   Houki finds out that Charles is really Charlotte, and she was staying in the same room as Ichika.  Laura kisses Ichika in front of her.  Sometimes..well…In a way she had it coming, the thing that made me scratch my head was when Ichika asked her to go out on a date, and she reacts by giving him a kick in the stomach.  What the hell?!!!

We can’t have a complete episode without the chemistry of Charlotte and Ichika, when she teases him and calls him “Ichika ecchi.”

This screen-cap alone has me waiting for episode 9!  Hello Laura!



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5 responses to “Random screen-caps for this week. Feb 21-27 of 2011

  1. Lol..although I haven’t watch Infinite Stratos yet…but I sure loved the last picture. =)

  2. Also, is Fractale really that nice? I’ve been hearing lots of good stuff about it.

    • imnotanotaku

      Fractale, the animation feels a little like so ra no wo to. As for the story itself, I’ll just say it’s better than other anime’s for the winter season. It’s also a blend of a lot comical parts and cute moments.

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