Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode 13 (OVA) or Episode 12 “True Route”

This post is more like an after thought.  After seeing the “True Ending,” I really felt satisfied!  I’m really big on following what the author had intended type of scenario in the first place.  One thing about this anime, they’re constantly updating their opening sequence.   The picture above pretty much sums up what’s in store in the next episode.

Manami looks pretty cute without her glasses.  But, also looks cute with them on.

When this part of the opener is shown, it always hits some type of emotional feeling in me.  The rain and the emotion come together to give a powerful scene, or something along those lines. .

What this guy does for his sister and how ungrateful she is!  Kyousuke let’s sister know that the trains have ended for the nigh, Kirino still mustard’s out the words; if he can find a way to get home (it’s revealed at the end, but still).  Kirino definitely is on my bad side, which is why this show is so good!  When a character can strike a nerve to its viewer, it means mission accomplished.  There’s a part in the episode where it made me shake my head.  When Kyousuke is riding the borrowed bike, a car pulls up next to him and the passengers have an instant opinion on Kyousuke.   Taking his lumps as a brother!

No comment.. no really.. I don’t want to comment.. But, it was comical…

It’s pretty different at the end, how Kyousuke elects not to view her photo album.  How the little things can affect an outcome.  The ending is pretty much follows the novel, which really works for me.

As school starts up again for Kyousuke, and tries to get over the fact that his sister is gone.  Manami tries to cheer up her childhood friend.   The big hook for the next episode is Kuroneko in a high school uniform and greeting Kyousuke.  Got me hooked for late March.. An episode a month?!!   I can wait because it’s worth it..



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2 responses to “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode 13 (OVA) or Episode 12 “True Route”

  1. Another episode next month! I can’t wait to see how the next route will be in action. xD

  2. Robert

    A whole month… Waa 😥

    But every episode will -hopefully- be the highlight of every month.

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