Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! Episode 6

As the world turns for Shuusuke as he submits to Kondou on this episode, he gets more involved by actually reading through a recommended BL magazine.  This show keeps on getting better and better by each episode. ..

As the disturbing images haunt Shuusuke, he can only bare it for what awaits for him, a reward from Kondou, complete dominants.

Shuusuke is traumatized over the reading of the magazine, Nao can only watch and try to comfort or take advantage of him the best she could.   Iroha can only stand in the sideline and watch Shuusuke submit to Kondou.  I actually felt bad for Iroha, she’s gets worked up about the whole situation, and Nao only makes encouraging comments about her brother’s actions.    This episode was funny every moment.. How Kondou is totally oblivious about how she’s making Shuusuke do things that are not right.  Especially when the part she explains to him while being really, really excited.

Some people are just lucky. .

Iroha will really go all out for Shuusuke… She is one of my favorites in the show.. not too many characters.. but they’re all well-played. . .

KONDOU’S Secrete weapon!!!


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