Kana Hanazawa again or Freezing Ep 6.

After watching Freezing episode 6 and realizing that things got a lot more interesting for me..  When a new character enter the fold and voiced by Kana Hanazawa.

The part that caught my eye was that Rana Lichen (voiced by K. Hanazawa) is a combat fighter.. No weapons, no blade cutting weapons, nothing.  Just her fist and feet arm with metal plating to give their opponent and extra punch.   As for shaking up the plot in the Freezing world, why not introduce another love interest for Kazuya, only making the Untouchable Queen show her true feelings for her Limiter: Aoi Kazuya.

Even though nudity is just a part of the culture of Freezing, it is what it is, that’s why this type genre has its nitch  in the anime/manga industry, its a genre.  It’s targeting a certain audience.   So, who ever dislikes this anime for its gore/nudity/good plot I might add, then this anime is not for you.

The soft and aggressive side of Lana dominates this episode which is a great introduction.  Satellizer el Bridget is still a favorite of mine also, her obsession over hamburgers and the trouble of being honest with herself is still attracted to certain viewers.

When Rana powers up, the scene looks sorta similar to a certain Sekirei characters.. just an observation. .. .


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4 responses to “Kana Hanazawa again or Freezing Ep 6.

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  2. If you pull out the echii on Freezing, could be still a good show to watch? Not that echii is something bad, just asking.

    • imnotanotaku

      well.. yeah.. I believe this show can stand alone without the echii part.. The story itself is pretty interesting. Sekirei is another title that has something in common with this show.. The echii part happens to be something that stands out.. But overall that’s a good story too.. . Echii is never bad.. . Just how much sometimes can get in the way sometimes. . thanks izayashirow. ..

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