Touma Vs. Accelarator or To Aru Majutsu No Index II Episode 18

I don’t really blog about this anime much, but these one shots are beginning to be a habit that I’m starting to like.. No telling when I’ll have time to blog as much I did in the last two weeks.  But here’s goes;  I really thought that Touma (Imagine Breaker guy) was finally going to have an encounter with Accelerator, and maybe have an all out fight.  But, with the picture above;  Misaka (real) continues not being honest with herself because that’s her character….That resolution one day would be answered, but.. it’s a good filler..

In season two, Accelerator is more humbled and realizing what wrong he’s done in the past comes back to haunt him.  Accelerator is trying to repay back his past by doing good deeds for anyone who needs help.

The whole episode was something along the lines of let’s introduce the major players for the upcoming arc. . In the meantime, a filler episode with Touma’s date with Misaka which was still enjoyable to watch.

The Last Order or the small Misaka provided great comedy with her funny witty dialogue.  The whole chemistry with the sisters are always going to have material to write about.  Basically, there all in the learning process, and they pick up vital information to become something close to real human.

Of course during the episode, all I kept on thinking about was the reaction of Accelerator or Touma when they cross each other.  Or how Index or the small Misaka were going to try to stop Touma and Accelerator from fighting.   In the earlier part of the season two, there was a scene where Accelerator was actually thinking about Touma… If he was in front of him (that punk, his words) things would be different…

But, the buildup was for not… I guess have to wait for another episode for some kind of rematch or at least a reason why they won’t fight each other.. And of course, we cant have an episode without something ecchi or some fan service.. gotta give it to the show, it has a great balance of characters, plot, animation and fan service..



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2 responses to “Touma Vs. Accelarator or To Aru Majutsu No Index II Episode 18

  1. My first thought about this episode is Touma will meet Accelerator as he exchange their kids(Index and Misaka mini) but in he end nothing much happen which is dissapointment. I thought there will be a fight though…

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