Kana Hanazawa and IS: Infinite Stratos

I was not going to add this series to my watch list.. But when Kana Hanazawa enters the fold.. I cannot help but to watch.   This episode 6 is sticking with me. .

here a video on Hanazawa’s Talent.  .



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7 responses to “Kana Hanazawa and IS: Infinite Stratos

  1. Kana Hanazawa voice is really pump me up! Some of the anime I watch because of her. Well, her voice is soft and lovely…xD

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  3. Haven’t watch how Kana ne-san perform in this.
    It’s in my watching list (because of Kana and Youko ne), just waiting for the whole season finish to do the IS marathon… XD

    • imnotanotaku

      ah Hikasa is my favorite too…. I just finished watching Freezing ep 6.. and Kana is the seiyuu of Lana Linchan which she is focused on… .

      • Just watched Freezing episode 1 only.
        Didn’t realize Kana ne-san was there!
        In my watching list.
        Currently watching the finished season Fall 2010. 😀

  4. Barklight

    she said “ichika no ecchi..”
    gah…! kawaiii…!

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