Onii-Chan no Koto ga Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne!! Episode 5

The picture above has been used in other blogs, but after going through the entire episode, this is the best screen cap to grab anyone’s attention.  A small follow-up for episode 5, Onii-Chan no Koto ga Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne!!  Again!  Is a really funny show, and of course really ecchi, but that is what makes this anime stand out in a few eyes.  When I hear people badmouthing this show for not living up to their expectations, or complain about the quality of the anime.  That’s how the anime is supposed to be.   This is how the original author intended the look of the anime would be. It’s a genre!  There are a lot of genre’s, but this happens to be an over the top ecchi romantic harem comedy.

As for episode 5 itself, Shuusuke develops a fetish for black pantyhose and because of his addiction to porn, it gets him in trouble.   The episode focuses on Kondou Mayuka, the class president.  Shuusuke after a mix up with the class president, he accidentally takes her Boy’s Love Magazine.  Once he realizes what he has, Shuusuke is terrified and rips up the whole magazine out of disgust.

Realizing what he’s done, and no way of replacing it, he panics.  Because of the lost magazine, Kondou makes him her ‘pet’, having him purchase BL magazines and do any other deeds that come in her mind.

Of course Nao and Iroha are only looking from the sidelines wondering how far the new girl in Shuusuke’s life is going to take him.  They can only watch and do nothing while Kondou makes their love interest her pet.   Nao enjoys how her brother gets tormented by Kondou, it gets her to the point of excitement.  Iroha can only bottle her anger in, and continue to monitor Shuusuke’s actions.

A little more about how shuukuke becomes her pet; Kondou gives him an ultimatum, she will destroy his porn magazine or tell his sister to disgrace him over his hobby.   The comedy comes where he makes Nao the reason to become her pet, to protect his sister.  He only thinks about what sexual acts Kondou will make him do.  Shuusuke  tries to take advantage of every panchira (up skirt) opportunity.  At the end, a little bit of enjoyment comes his way of being Kondou’s pet.   Episode 6 please!


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