Evangelion 2.0, big screen action!

Last night, I went to the downtown theater in Los Angeles to catch Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance.  The theater itself was a very interesting place.   They served alcohol and basic theater food.  For some that would be a dream, and some well.. .But popcorn and some coca-cola for me was very satisfying.

Now, I’m not really going to get into what Evangelion is about.  To me.. talking about Evangelion would be talking about something like DragonBall, it’s something that everyone would know what is it about.   And, for those who haven’t watched Evangelion, you really have to add this to your watch list, it’s a must for all anime fans.  Now, for those who live in the U.S., here’s a schedule of theater’s that will be showing this movie, here. (click on view schedule)

The evening was pretty good.  Felt good how the audience cheered when Asuka made her first appearance.  Now, there’s nothing like watching anything on the big screen.  To those that say they’re satisfy with viewing it on their big screen or on their computer are simply robbing themselves of an awesome experience.  Sitting with people who enjoy the same genre as you, and when the comedy hits, that affects you more.  You laugh more when people are around you are laughing at the same thing or situation.

I took a friend that did not see part one, or is not into anime.  But, the reason I took him was because he was curious about Evangelion, he also works for the video game industry.  So, it could be right up his alley.  His response was: “this shit is really deep” after the film.  So, I adviced him to watch part one to understand what is going on.. But, he thought the animation was great and very pleased that they used some 3-d art mix in.

Here’s the trailer.   Evangelion 3.0, waiting, waiting…


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