Mysterious Girlfriend X Chapter 51 & 52

It’s been a while, but Mysterious Girlfriend X is back!  And, happy new years to my readers, hope everyone will have a positive year ahead.   Chapter 51 and 52 were released at the same time.  I’m assuming that the translators were a little back logged in this series… Or of course I could be wrong.  It came out around the first week of January, and I been busy with my career, or trying to step in the front door at least.  So, I’m going to do both chapters at the same time.  After reading both chapters, if felt one whole chapter so it makes sense to me to do one post.

Summary: Chapter 51 starts out in a way every guy would dream of;  his girlfriend invites him to her house for any reason.  A little baffle,  Urabe explains to Tsubaki that she wants to do something.

Of course Tsubaki being a guy and all can only think about one thing; as illustrated above.  It turns out that she wanted to give him a book that she read and offered him to read it.

It’s reveal that Tsubaki is intimidated to try or ask anything to Urabe because of her stern eyes.  A look that would make someone afraid to approach her for any reason.

During class,  Suwano which is a female representative goes up to Tsubaki and advises him that they must to go their home room teacher’s office after school for some class business.  Which takes place in front of Urabe, Tsubaki feels uncomfortable after he receives a stern look from Urabe.  He questions himself why did he receive a dirty look from her, Tsubaki feels that he did nothing wrong.

Oka tries to give credit to Urabe for giving her boyfriend the “scary eyes” to warn that he better not cheat on her with Suwano-san.  Urabe unaware that she has “scary eyes” explains she has no idea what she is talking about.  Oka, continues on saying she has natural angry eyes because her eyes are so narrow.  She later explained to Urabe that Suwano is  good-looking and is very popular with the boys, to be careful with her presence around Tsubaki.

After the meeting Suwano and Tsubaki are walking down the hall.  He cannot help but to stare at her eyes.  They give out that soothing feeling while his girlfriend gives out the opposite feeling, more hostile like.   Suwano pops the question if he would like to join her to watch a movie.

Of course it ends up that with her soothing eyes from Suwano, it’ll make any guy do what she asked for.  This leaves Tsubaki with a huge dilemma, if Urabe finds out, she’ll become upset and go panty-scissor action.

At the end, Urabe is trying to see what Oka was referring about and checks her reflection in front a stores window.  Does she really have “scary eyes?” End of chapter 51.

Chapter 52 starts out with Tsubaki trying to contact Suwano to give back the movie ticket.  She does not answer her phone or even show up to school, he has no choice but see her in person.   Tsubaki questions himself that if he is cheating or not, which stresses him out.  The day comes, he meets Suwano and is impressed with the way she looks.

Tsubaki ends up giving back the movie ticket to Suwano.  But, before he can leave he has to find why she invited him out.  The reason was Suwano was using Tsubaki by asking him out in front of her ex-boyfriend, making him think that she moved on.  Tsubaki gives her back the ticket.  He finds out that Suwano actually did wanted to go the movies with him, and left him thinking that something could have happen between them.

The next day Urabe and Tsubaki went to usual spot to do their routine.  But a truck was parked in front of their spot, which forced them to go to another location and that was at the park.  At the park, a stray cat appeared which Urabe was fond of, she begins to play with it.  During that sequence, Tsubaki realizes that Urabe has eyes similar to a cat.  After Urabe gives a small kiss to the cat, Tsubaki gets a not so smart idea of following up her action by giving his own kiss to the cat.  He pays for it!

Urabe tries to heal his scratch wound with her own medicine.

At the end of chapter 52, Tsubaki develops a fondness of felines.  Which, reflect his affection on Urabe because of her cat-like eyes.  Angry eyes are no more.  Next chapter in February.

What Mr. Mask thinks: These two chapter were really about Urabe’s eyes, how at times Tsubaki can’t get truly comfortable with his girlfriend because her eyes come off to be a little difficult.  Every time he wants to make an advancement in their relationship, the wall of her eyes stops him.  It was kind of interesting that another girl showed some interest in Tsubaki.  Or, in my mind because Tsubaki is such a nice guy, he’ll get taken advantage from Suwano.  I wonder how the story would be in Tsubaki was single….

The funny part was Urabe had no idea that she had such angry eyes.  Oka pointed that out, which left Urabe a bit self conscience and to check it out for herself in any of the reflection that she can find.   It’s been a while that Oka has been in any of the last chapters.  Wonder if she’s going to be in any of the upcoming arcs.  Honestly I don’t really know where Mysterious Girlfriend X is going to go, story wise.  But, that’s why I read this manga, and going to continue.


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  1. Awesome blog with an awesome story. I liked it.

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