2010 anime picks

The following titles were the one’s that made my watch list.  Wondering what 2011 has in store for the anime community.   I’m sure its going to have it’s up’s down’s according to the winter schedule.   As for the picks, I’m giving an opinion, not a rundown of the show.. I probably gave a chance to every show this year, usually give the first episode a chance.  If get’s my attention, it’s added on to my watch list.

Angel Beats! The concept was intriguing, school, God, prior life.   Love the whole after life concept.  As for the  characters, Kanade was my favorite, how an angel could be really deadly.  As for the story, the ending was accepting.  Of course, it was left open-ended..  A funny part about one of the Seiyuu’s’ of the show Eri Kitamura, she was a guest at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles.  She was promoting Toradora, but most of the request  were towards Angel Beats sound bites.

Amagami SS. This show is straight out of a dating sims game, but the way it was set up worked fine with me.. Basically, there are six girls, or.. well.. the last episode.. But with the awkward sexual moments, this anime was pretty good in a comical sense.  The arc’s of each story had its moments, and can stand alone by themselves.  You can never go wrong when it comes to high school love.

B Gata H Kei. I think this is the first time for me, that I witness a female main character as the aggressor.. or.. perverted… The plot was not really good.. and nothing was really original about it except for the whole gender switch, where the guy would be the perverted one.   But the thing that kept me going about this series was the jokes and funny scenarios the show presented.

Durarara. The series that really stood out.  I can’t say anymore except the character make up of several figures of the show was well made.  As for the plot, it kept me waiting for every new episode to appear.  The dialogue was quite catchy along with the dark humor it played.  I don’t why, but at times, I really, really think that this show can somehow make it to a live-action version.  Both a feature film, or television.  The television would actually work on my end.  The depth of the story calls for a long show, so it can explore this world.  It can also translate to an American version, but with a few changes.

High School of the Dead. I’m not a fan of little fan-service.  But, I’m a huge fan of big fan-service!   The reason is, it so outrageous that one cannot help but to smile/laugh.  As for the story, in a way it’s just paying respect to the zombies films of the past.  With a Japan version, or twist, which is high school kids.  It all works out together nicely.  As the sexual and bloody gruesome appeal runs high everywhere, one can’t help but to give this show a chance.  Big time male appeal, as for females, luckily I found a few that liked this show.  There ending teasers were pretty well done, how they put all the audio of the next episode mix together.. . I know it’s been done before.. NOTHING IS ORIGINAL!  But, it was well made.

K-ON!! I went through the first season with satisfaction, so it was obvious that I was going to watch and like season 2.  This time around with its huge popularity it was pushed to 26 episodes.  I’m still amazed how this show carries itself on its own with only innocent plot lines and phenomenon of “moe.”  Honestly, I feel this show can go on after high school life, with some creative writing it can be possible.   This season, other characters were introduced and actually giving episodes dedicated towards them.  The episodes that really got my attention was their final days at school.  I kinda related in a way of my final days of a senior year in high school or college.. There’s really nothing to do except spend time with your friends.   This show will pass the test of time and still be popular.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama. The animation of this show doesn’t really grab my attention.  But, the plot did it’s job and drag me through 26 episodes of interest.  The thing that I found most appealing to me was the small comedic aspects that it had.  When ever Misaki laid down the hammer on the male students that were misbehaving, Usui was always the one that could get away with anything.  The one thing that kinda irritated me was that Misaki took twenty something episodes to finally give in.. But, something small for a successful series that made my list.

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi. Ryouko is the main character is this piece, it’s not every anime where the lead character is sorta tomboyish.  And the narrator was at times annoying, but at the same time quite comical.  Is just that the narrator would say a lot of things that were obvious to the audience, and needed to give them the respect that we are not idiots.  The things that I did like was the fact that Ryouko would go into action and leave cat face marks on her opponents face.  Ryoushi was funny with his phobic of being stared at,  it gave the character vulnerabilities that made this the perfect match for this story.   I’m always a sucker for Tsundere titles.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. As the previews for the upcoming fall came out, this show was at the bottom of my watch list.  The title alone did turn me off I’ll have to admit.  “My Sister Can’t be this Cute?!”  I thought the show was going to be along the line Kiss X Sis or something along those lines.  Well, they do have something in common with a certain Seiyuu.  But, after the first episode I was hooked.  Always cheering for Kuroneko, with being the most likable character and feeling some sympathy for Kyousuke for his mistreatment.  Kirino has a persona to dislike, but the show revolved around her, but from all the good things about this series is, it continues in the summer time!  A side note, I just love the part of the series were the OP’s and ED’s were always different.

Seitokai Yakuindomo. This anime has been one of the most perverted series I ever watched.  It’s beyond over the top, that is why it made my list.   As for a story, well.. it was almost all small skits put into a series.  But, each skit were very amusing.  Toilet humor has to be done right, and this show nailed it.   Every genre has to be taken into account and noticed.  This one made its genre proud.

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin. Whenever I hear about an original series, I get pretty intrigued to that series.  No adaptation from a novel or a Manga, so you don’t know what you’re going to get.  With a respectable cast, I couldn’t help to add the anime to this list.  The best part was, well the ending was everything I hoped it to be.  After this series, I couldn’t help but to give a lot credit for Youko Hikasa, she’s working  on a lot of anime.

SEKIREI: Pure Engagment. Ever since the first season and reading the Manga, this series was the most anticipated by me.  I was kinda worried when the final episodes were coming to a close.  They way the story changed from the Manga, I feared the production company making the anime wanted a quick and less expensive ending for SEKIREI.  But, it was deciding to do the right thing and follow the Manga (sorta) and give it a season 3!

Sora no Otoshimono: Forte. Again, I’m guessing the perfect formula is if you have a hit anime, a for sure winner is just make a follow-up.  I’m in favor with this formula.  Upcoming anime series following any series would most likely stay true to the novel or manga.  The whole staying true to the original creator visions is a must in my book.   Ikaros becomes a little more human and emotional towards Tomoki.  The greatest moment was for me is Nymph getting her wings back, it’s good to see her up in the sky!  I was delighted to find out about the upcoming feature film,  and I’m not going to read the manga, because I know what arc they plan on doing from the trailer teaser of the film.

Sora no Woto. This was a very heart warming anime.  I started blogging about this a while ago and stopped at episode 5 due to work.   I need to finish this, thinking of just doing a one shot and finish the whole series in a post.  This was more story than what many people thought.. It’s K-On fighting a war.  Which was the first innitial stated.  This show held on its own, and the art was pretty well done.

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. When the parent series To Aru Majutsu no Index had another series using the Railgun character, I knew that it was going to be golden.  Earning 24 episodes was quite a surprise, but luckily there was a enough material to make it interesting for me.  The top video comes from the OVA that came out a few months ago, the opening has became my favorite of mine.  If anyone ever shot in super 8mm, it has its rough development in a film.  But, it looks awesome, and that’s the vide paying much respect to the super 8mm format.  With my family around going to high school, I saw their home movie like pieces, and it was exactly the same.  Kids having fun.  As for the show, the development of Misaka was good, even though Kuroko’s running joke as a perverted person became tiresome at times.  At the end, it was a good story, this series can actually go on for a while, living in a city full of espers is just asking for enough material to make things interesting.
Can’t wait for 2011.. hope it’s good.. or..  I have a lot of shows to get into that past in previous years.

Honorable mentions: Working!, Ladies versus Butlers. Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru.  World only God knows.


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