Mysterious Girlfriend X Ch. 50!!!

Mysterious Girlfriend X Chapter 50!  And the other good thing for fifty, the beautiful color cover with Urabe.  No other way to stay true to the character is having her saliva on display.  Lately, I been doing some work on my blog, I just posted something the other day..Finding out about the new MGX, the only thing that was on mind all day was to do this post.

Summary: From the last chapter, Tsubaki had asked if he can witness Urabe eat some raw bacon.   What a crazy request, but she grants his request.  The only thing that’s going on his mind is would she also agree to wear some cat ears while eating her bacon.

Tsubaki is not fully satisfy, he want’s her to wear the cat ears while eating the raw bacon.   But, he can’t mustard the courage just to say it out of the blue.

Luck comes to Tsubaki, and a stray cat wonders next to them.  A conversation occurs about how well the cat responds to Urabe.

Tsubaki’s imagination is going wild once again.   With the cheesy lines, it must be only in his head.  Sadly, this is not reality.

Back to reality.  While Urabe is occupied playing with the cat, he sneaks up on her and places the cat ears on her head.  Urabe continues playing with the cat, Tsubaki tries to grab her attention.  He calls her out loud to the point that he scares the cat away leaving Urabe a bit upset.

Tsubaki and Urabe walk back to their home.  Urabe has no idea she has cat ears on her head.  People that pass by them notice the ears on.  It’s time for their saliva routine, after their exchange they depart.   Tsubaki yells at her telling what she has on her head.

Urabe confronts Tsubaki in her upset tone (the usual one).  He has no choice but spills everything to Urabe on the whole origin of the cat ears and eating raw bacon.  Urabe tells him; whenever she puts cat ears on, she turns into a monster cat!  Going into panty scissor mode and teaches him a quick lesson.

After the attack, she goes a bit over board and accidentally cuts him the cheek.  With blood running down Tsubaki’s cheek, Urabe goes up to him to heal his wound.  Sorta…

Urabe explains to him, she becomes dangerous while wearing cat ears.  A fair warning that she should never wear them for his safety.

At the end, the whole ordeal leaves Tsubaki in a way wanted Urabe to become monster cat, to fulfill his every need.  Chapter 21 next!

What Mr. Mask Thinks: Finally, all of the idol story arc is done.  And this quick chapter arc is a sign that things are getting back together where Urabe and Tsubaki can focus on their relationship only.   Urabe does look pretty cute with those cat ears I must admit.  I think any female willing to put those type accessories on, is a major plus in my book.   But, then again… Only a few are willing to do that kind of stuff.. They have to be female anime fans.. I could be wrong.   As for the chapter itself, I love the part where Tsubaki goes into imagination mode and Urabe accepts the cat ears. I still find it weird, the whole eating raw bacon.. It’s normal, yes?!

As for the future of Mysterious Girlfriend X, I’m glad that I stuck around to see this go to 5o chapters.   For the series itself, the earlier chapter were good for me to stay on board this long.  With the art, and the really unusual story, which make sense to me.  I’m pretty happy that everything worked out.   Next chapter, next arc, and next awesome artwork!

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