Ane-Doki chapter 20

Finishing what I started…. I fell out-of-place with this Manga.. I still haven’t read all the content of the remaining chapters.  This series has ended.. I must do my part  are read and review what’s left.  . Thanksgiving is a couple of weeks away.. Ane-Doki time!!

Summary: On the eve of Kouta’s school festival, Chiaka questions her sister if she’s going to through with her plan.   Nothing is going to stop Natsuki from attending.  They get a surprised guest, which the sisters are both shocked to see.

During the festivities,  Azumi (kouta’s classmate) asks Kouta for a favor; if he can fill in for her wearing a ghost costume.  Which is a part of a haunted house for the festival.  Kouta being the good person that he is, accepts.   As long as he does say a word, everything to should be fine.. Easier said than done.

Kouta ends up hanging out with Kanade and friends.   And girl talk erupts in front of him, which takes him to brink of insanity.  They talk about bras, where he gets to see a glimpse of Kanade’s!   During the talk, he finds out that Kaneda has some interest in him.

Kouta is discovered, all hell breaks loose.  During the confusion, Natsuki appears, and is being chased by the guest that arrived at the their home from the beginning.   She’s yelling something at Natsuki in the line of “To be working under me for the rest of your life!”

With a huge scare from the hunted house section, the female ends up fainting.  At the end, Natsuki reveals that the female is the older sister of her family.   Which makes the next chapter something to look forward to.

What Mr. Mask Thinks: As for the chapter, it had its moment.  I think the best part was when Kouta was eavesdropping on the conversation with the girls.  Finding out stuff about Kanade, and getting a glimpse of something private.  As for the festival, I never been to one.  But, I can only imagine the fun someone can have, with the student clubs doing their own thing.  As for the Katsuki’s older sister arriving to the scene, she’s attractive.  But, as for the comments of making Katsuki “work for the rest of her life,” I’m assuming her older sister has a business.. what kind.. umm.. well.. . chapter 21 next !!


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