Mysterious Girlfriend X ch. 49

THIS IS ONE THE BEST COVERS I EVER SEEN, or for this series of MGX!   The feeling of emptiness is pouring into me… Just sucks that this is only series that I’m doing.. I’m tempted to do some anime series, the fall season just started.. Time is always my enemy..Yours?!  Must  update my watch list.. .It’s grown.. might quit my current job and maybe get hired to do some writing!!  I don’t want to go into any detail, but it’s huge!!   As for the cover, something about Urabe just makes me want to get the rights to the Manga and maybe do a short film based on some of my favorite chapters.. Maybe not the beginning, but picking a chapter that can stand on its own.   Meaning the chapter can carry itself without the back story from the characters. .  .

Summary: During a break in the classroom, Tsubaki asks one of his friend’s Ueno for his dictionary.  He gives Tsubaki permission to dig in his bag for the book, Tsubaki discovers something else.   He finds a pair of cat ears and confronts Ueno about it.  He begins to tell his story, but it starts out weird or odd at the same time!  Ueno begins to questioned Tsubaki if he ever has eaten raw bacon.  This throws Tsubaki completely of his mind and baffles him.  RAW BACON?!

Ueno goes into detail by telling his side of the story which all took place at Oka’s house.  He has a routine of going over her house and studying before any upcoming exam.   Oka makes him a quick meal, which she brings to him.   From out of the blue, she begins to eat raw bacon.  Which this baffles Ueno, and he starts to question her about it.  Calls her an animal, from that phrase she gets up and leaves.

Oka returns with an item, cat ears!  She puts on the cat ears, and continues to eat the raw bacon in front her boyfriend Ueno.   She questions him, if she looks weird now, cat ears and eating raw bacon.  Oka becomes an animal.

After that gesture, Ueno accepts Oka’s eating raw bacon habit.  And, makes it a rule between them, whenever either of them are eating raw bacon, they must wear cat ears.  Which explains why Ueno has cat ears in his bag, for the just in case rule.  After the whole explanation to Tsubaki, a few of their classmates barge in.  They both panic, Tsubaki still holding on to the cat ears, hides it under his shirt.   But, isn’t able to return the item to Ueno, which now he is holding on to it in his bag.

Tsubaki meets up with Urabe at their usual spot to walk home together.  Urabe needs to buy some items at the mini-market, so they both go.  One of the items she’s going to purchase is bacon.   During their walk home, a conversation about breakfast occurs.  It’s revealed that Urabe also eats raw bacon, this sends Tsubaki into a dream mode, and pictures Urabe wearing cat ears eating bacon.

Urabe notices his behavior, and immediately snatches some saliva from him to read his feelings.  She begins to get hot, and demands what is he thinking.   Urabe goes into her scissor panty mode and forces him to confess.  At the end, she agrees to Tsubaki’s request, but he has something else in mind.. ch 50 next!!!

What Mr. Mask Thinks: Finally a new arc!  Getting back to the basics, stories of only Tsubaki and Urabe!  The art is still amazing as ever.  As for the last arc, it was just too much, too many chapters devoted to it.  Back to chapter 49, it was quite funny.  I’m glad to see Oka and Ueno back in the fold, the couple that’s always doing experiments, that contributes to a  healthy relationship.  The comedy was quite funny, from the beginning where Tsubaki finds a pair a cats ears in Ueno’s bag.   Just thinking how that would play out in real life.. It would be very interesting, and may change my view on someone, but it would be for the better.

Seeing Oka and Ueno always tells me, that Urabe and Tsubaki are going to become even closer.  They learn from each other, and use the knowledge to further their relationship.  Thinking about the whole bacon idea kind of scares me.. I would never eat raw bacon, would you?   It totally scares me, getting some stomach illness and being sick for a while.. Something about pork, that I just don’t want to mess with..  I wonder if that’s true, people in Japan eating raw bacon.. Guessing I will ask a few of my Japanese friends, or maybe just the internet will do.

What is going to happen in the next chapter?  Number 50!!  I hope it would be something that will change Tsubaki or Urabe.. or both!  By bringing cat ears, does this mean that Urabe is going to go Moe?   With her persona, don’t think so!!  But there is only chapter 50 to wait on.. Number 50… that’s big!!


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