Mysterious Girlfriend X Ch. 48

Just got home from a long days work.. Noticed that I did eleven hours at my job…. damn.. and fuck. ..eleven hours of my life.. to what??!!! Getting home, and hearing the sound of the ocean outside my window… as the updates were coming in .. MGX48 was up… yesss.. to get back to a familiar world… it’s so nice…

Summary: Here we go again. . .Back at the Momoka concert, from the last chapter, Momoka finally traded place with Urabe, she then made it back to her normal and connected  life with Tsubaki (her boyfriend).   Tsubaki seem to be enjoying the moment a little too much and gets carried away by shouting some overly positive remarks.   Once Urabe made her presence, Tsubaki gathered himself quickly, then back to of not trying let his girlfriend find out he has a crush on Momoka, but for the wrong reason.

Urabe was thinking about her performance, and the mindset of Momoka.  How she was enjoying being on stage, from the opposite of her wanting to be a part of the world of a normal person.  After the concert, Urabe and Tsubaki were talking about the concert, how the first part of it was real to him.  And, the second part was more fun, he had a hard time to explain everything to his girlfriend.

The next day, somehow Momoka and Tsubaki ending up bumping with each other.  Tsubaki still clueless of the whole situation, and Momoka still playing Urabe’s role,  decided to give him some gratitude.

Urabe just happen to walking by, spotted them.  She goes into her panty scissor spin mode, and launches her book bag at Momoka!  Striking her in the side of the head, knocking her down.

Of course, Momoka is not going to take this assualt,  she goes into her high kick attack mode.  But accidentally takes out Tsubaki once again.  After the attack, Urabe and Momoka argue with each other.  It’s revealed that in all this time, there has not been a kiss in the relationship.

After realizing everything up until now, Momoka finally understood.  That she can never beat Urabe in being Tsubaki’s girlfriend.   And, Urabe cannot beat Momoka in being an idol.  From those words, she happens to have a motor bike ready, and leaves and rides off to the sunset.

At the end, Tsubaki wakes up from Momoka’s high kick, and tries to tell Urabe that there was another girl who looked like her.  Urabe only plays it off, and claims that it was a part of his imagination.  She does give him a few hints that he was right, but doesn’t let up.  Life is back to normal?  Well, I guess until next chapter.

What Mr. Mask thinks: Finally this arc is over… no really.. It maybe went two chapter more than it should.  Momoka finally realized that she cannot beat Urabe in being Tsubaki’s girlfriend.  I don’t know.. why didn’t Urabe tell him everything that happen.  Then, maybe Tsubaki would have told all the strange things that were happening.. Urabe can prepare herself for what perception was left by Momoka.  Guessing that the next chapter consists of the aftermath of Momoka.  When Urabe goes back to school, her twin made things interesting when she was actually outgoing and friendly.  But the problem is, that is not Urabe…I listed a few items in the last chapters post, what actually might happen.   So, it’s going to start from scratch, where is the relationship going go?  This arc was awesome, but, a bit too long.. I can’t say enough about the art, it so good.  Next chapter please!!!

P.S.  Urabe looks pretty cute with that eye wear. . .


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