Fall Anime 2010 !

The fall season is getting closer and closer.. this blog is not as active as before…  But still trying my best to do some kind info gathering for my readers.. and giving my choices for the fall of 2010..

Bakuman! The reason this made it on to my list.. well.. the story follows two created individuals seeking some sort of identity.. . I can really relate to that. .. .

Soredemo Machi Wa Mawatteiru, it’s a comedy centers around a strange Tea shop, where the main character daydreams of becoming a high school detective.. with that premise… how can I not follow it..

A Certain Magical Index season 2:   I don’t need to explain myself. .

Sora no Otoshimono Forte: (Season 2)  I did catch season one…so… I’m a type of loyal person, so season 2 is on my list. .

As for the rest of the shows.. I usually give the first episode of each show a chance,  so… The list might grow…as you can see on the watch list on the side, I do have a lot of shows.. .plus, if there’s any carry over from the summer season…. so the summer overlaps the fall.. plus, a good friend of mines that lives on the other side of the world recommended a show, it’s only 11 eps.. can’t wait. .


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